A song that tell you that what you feel inside .. its like he sing a story of your life

Who knows that feeling you are sit on your bed or in the park and listen to some songs and then is there this one song you listen to and it feels like that this person who sing it tell you, your own story in a song.

It feels like he wrote for you to help you, to say hey chin up, be strong or anything else …

You listen to it again and again on repeat .. this song touch your heart and your it helps you in these min to forget eveything bad in this mins and just feel yourself understand and that there is someone that truly understands you and sing that what you feel inside.

I dont have this much often with songs but there are songs they really touch my heart and i can feel the story behind this song .


Hawk Nelson – Everything you ever wanted

Sons of Midnight – So beautful it hurts

Simple Plan – This song saved my life, How could this happend to me 

Papa Roach – Scars


To bring your life to an end cause its not worth it anymore ?? But there is this band that saved my life !

Who knows that feeling there is a Band they hekped you with their music. I Had the last Weeks probertly the hardest days in my life .

I Cry a lot in these days and i was really down i didnt know what to do i really thought to bring my life now to an end cause i didnt saw any reason to life its actually really sad that i had these thought i mean its so simple you just need to take some pills, cut  yourself or jump ..

It scares me that i really thought about that i bought a lot of pills to really do it . Everything here makes me sick all that shit everything !!!

But i didnt do it cause there was these girls claudi and tiffy they helped me and talk with me im so thankful that i have these girls and they are in this time now here for me .. i love you girls so bad really

But there is also this band called Sons of Midnight , they music helped me a lot in the last days and i know that i see them soon finally back. i never thought that they music of them could help me in so many ways . i dont now how to thank them and i m sure they dont really know what they mean to me .. they are so important inmy life not in a creepy way .. they are my entire life .. i dont know how i would react when the break up just this thought kills me 😦

Well i had a little conversation with Conrad the singer of the band in Berlin i told him about this poblem that i have and he couldnt understadn whats going on here … just to tell him whats really going on helps me cause im not alone now with this shit !! he knows it now and this helps me  .. and when i have more problems with that i just need to write him and he do what he can to help me ..

This shows how amazing he is he really care about me i dont know what to say about that ❤

I Really love every single men from Sons of Midnight  Conrad, Maui, Peter, Mitchell and Matt i cant even describe how much i love them ❤

And when i never meet these boys i also never meet my girls claudi, elli , tiffy, sabine and sophie they are my soulmates my family my life everthing and eanyone would hurt them they hurt me too cause i love these girls with all my heart and with all my love . i will ever fight for them ever .. i love girls


No u know a little bit more about me sad life  : (

When u have a band and girls who you love fight for that cause they are really worth it ❤


x sarah


My Life , My Love and My Family


Falling back in the old mood …

For a couple years i was really a sad person i cryed a lot i dindt talk much .. but then i found friends and i really start to live my life .. i was happy smile a lot talk to many people  .. i had a job everything actually but now i have the feeling these sad part in my life comes back ..

Idk .. im almost every day sad and cry a lot since now 3 or 4 weeks idk whats going on with me im feeling inside óf me so empty and lonley .. it scares me i dont want this time back

at some days i alos think what happend when im not anymore here .. maybe im happier then idk .. i really dont know whats going on with me .. on monday i lost my job and i was really down and i also didnt know what i should do now then also this other stuff happen this week that was the final hit in my face and now im on the ground and i dont know how i come back to the happy times .. yeah i smile for the people they dont know me really but inside im always crying and sceam ..

why happen this all now seriously i had such a damn fucking life and now this .. i dont want anymore ….. i also deserve now a good life where everything is good but NO ! all this fucking shit !!


i dont know what to do …

The most Fucked up day !!

Actually i wanna blog yesterday but i couldnt … it was for me a really hard and emotional day … i cryed the whole day cause i lost my job sure i was not really happy there this job there makes me sick but it was a job … and now i stand there with nothing no job no future nothing and here in cologne its hard to find a new job as a florist …

But now i stay strong i try for the last year a new job cause i dont stay here i n cologne i wanna leave it and go to berlin .. i wanna start a new life .. i know in berlin i have 2 friends they gonna help me how much they can ..

thee girls was also yesterday there for me when i need someone to talk with … im happy that i have these amazing girls ..


xx sarah


It gave good friends and bad friends or best friends ….

Its not easy to find people who i can really trust cause its hard at this time to find people they love you fro who you are and not just for some reasons  …

In my school time i had a best friend for 8 years i really thought she mean it good and was always there for me but after that school we didnt saw us pretty often and i hear that she talk really bad behind my back all the years .. i was really dissapointed i trust her all the years but for what ..thats why i cant trust people now so easy ..

after all that bad years i found friends like Monika and Jenny they are amazing i really love them .. they love me for who i am .. and i know i can trust them completly  ..

But now this year i found so many amazing people we all love the band one of them i know since Febuary its Nadja, Sophie Tiffany and Sabine i really love these girls its always funny with them ….  since the end of april i meet some amazing girls too .. Elli and claudi i wrote a couple times with elli via twitter but not pretty much me and sabien meet them at the band concert first we didnt talk a lot but after some hours we didnt stop talking and after that we talk almost everyday .. these girls are so amazing


for me are all these girls my family the love me for who i am and i can trust them ..

I love you girls xx sarah

Forever Alone .. Why should someone love me ?

Who knows that feeling … you sit in a room with so many diffrent people but you have always the feeling you are alone on this big Planet.

No one is there to share the rest of your life with you, share so many things.

I Have this feeling everyday when i open my eyes, every single day .. why should someone love ME .. This thought is ridiculous . How should someone love me when i cant love myself .. how ..

Every View in the mirror is like .. Look at you why should someone love you for who you are … Just ridiculous 

Thats why is my last relationship went into the breaks because I could not understand how someone can love me ! I dont think that there is anywhere in this world a guy who can spend the rest of my life with him .. this guys dont excist im sure .. im defently Forever Alone .. Everyone of my friend gonna Marry .. everyone exept me.

Worried , Scared ….. Dont leave us , Dont leave Germany please ..

So many things are in my head at the moment about these One Band

They have their last shows now here in Germany and then they are flighing back home .. back to Australia 10.000 miles away from all of us .. this scares me a littlbe bit . who knows if they comming back and when they would come back .. sure im happy that they see finally their family and friends back after a long time .. but from one site i dont want that they go they should stay by all of us at our site  ..

To know that they leave germany makes me so sad, they are like a part of my family and i defently gonna miss them all really bad, so bad that it hurts …

Maybe they come back next year but seriously next year we have still 180days from this year left … how i survive this long time …. how ? …

Dont hear them, dont see them , dont make jokes with them or anything else … impossible

Everyone off them has a really important part in my heart and when they leave Germany my heart feels pretty empty ..

This thought makes me so sad  … just 3 Shows left and i can just go to 2 when i have luck maybe just 1 omg i dont wanna think about that  … just a couple left and then ..

We all need to say goodbye so soon but we dont want to .. we all gonna cry when the time is here ..

I Must stay strong …

Music is the soul language

For me is the Music more …

Everyone has the perfect music for each feeling … it doesnt care who sing these songs or from who they are its just important that u like them and they make you happy and Touch you.

What would you do without Music ….

For me .. I Wouldnt survive this life on this Earth .. Music is more for me as just notes or melodies .. .. Musix is the language of my soul ..  She speak everyday to me and tell me everytime her own Story .. the helped me to make everything better and to stay strong.

Everyone has these particular Songs at his IPod, IPhone or somewhere else , which help one through the day or gave himself a lot of power at some days.

Everyone has his own Special Song, you can listen to all day, you can sing every single line , feel what the singer/Band feel .

Music makes people around the world Happy, Music brings strangers together from diffrent citys/countrys/continent.

Music is love ….


…… Sarah



Something about me

My Name is Sarah and i was born in 25.01.1989 in cologne Germany ..

The Music is my entire life i would not life without them, i didnt had a wonderful life so far,

My parents got divorced for 12 years ago, and i life by my mum, i saw my Father the last time for yeah 12 years it makes me everytime really sad at one side that i dont have a happy family like others but the other side he did so many bad things that have sometimes the feeling that i really hate him , i dont want him in my life he dont deserve that !

He never call me in the last 12 years, never asked how i feel nothing its like hes got divorced also by his kidz ..

I cant understand why a father dont wanna know what his kids do and all this stuff , for years i cry a lot that he wasnt there at my site but now i must try to be strong , 12 years is a long time .. he missed so many things in my life .. he dont deserve it to come back !

Well .. i know how to feel to get bullied , i hear so many bad words through the year , ( fat, ugly …… ) i was not the happiest girl in my childhood , i was really shy i didnt talk a lot and had not really much friends to get bullied is so hard .. you see all the people everyday at school and wish you would die cause no one loves you you want to stay strong at this time but its so hard to go everyday to this plac eand hear everyday these words and you really believe they tell you the truth you look in the mirror and think why u look like that , why ??? only the music was always there for me …

Every day I wished I would die every single day

But this time is over after 6 Years im out from the school life and meet some girls they know also how it is to get bullied im happy that i meet them..

But i thought know i can start to be happy but this was wrong !

I found a workplace where all this same shit began again ! 3 Years of bullied and everything -.- i had a eduction to a Florist and was happy after this 3 years know the woman they skilled lost his work place cause i tell the boss everything .

After that the real work life start for me know i work as a florist for 2 years it gave at some days really hard times but i must be strong .

Last year finally my life change into a happy life after so many years i can smile and be happy

I was at a concert of my fave Band Simple Plan in Frankfurt and saw there the Opening Act called


I never thought that this band would play such an important part in my life , i just know them since 11.09.2011 and im glad that i meet them .. i cant really describe how much i love these 5 Boys , They helped me so much they songs are so emotional its like as they would come from my soul , They are like a Family that i never really had , everytime when i see them im happy cause i know they love me for who i am im so thankful that i meet them ..

without them i maybe would not live anymore, it sounds hard but this is the truth .. to loose them no way i dont wanna think about that, that i could loose them ..

Through these boys i meet girls they are more then amazing , i have no words for them I Love this girls more then my own life my sister i love them

Claudi – She is such a wonderful person , shes like my twin , i can sit with her in a empty room and we can laugh all the time about thing , i love her really she knows me soo good , i know that i can trust her I love you so much thank you for being here at my site i will fight every single day that i never loose you .

Tiffy – My Blondie girl , you was the first girl what i meet in real and i directly know that i love you , you are such a wonderful person , you have a wonderful hear and a wonderful soul you love everyone and this is something amazing i love you so much really

Sabine – I Love you , now words can describe how much i love you 🙂 .. u are always there we talk so much and we laugh a lot im glad that i meet you i will always love you my sister alway

Sophie- My Sophie you are the best in my life , you are the reason why i life why be here and everything , i love it to hear everyday via skype you vioce i can talk with about things , and you understands me how i fell and everything , whyt would i do without you i miss you everyday you are my sister for life i would never stop to love you, you ar a part of me i love oyu

Elli – My Strawbelli i love oyu so much i just meet you at the end of april but you are so amazing i love you you have such a good heart ans such a good soul, to have you in my life is amazing you have everytime a part in my heart i love you .. we have everytime so much fun together we dont need to say word cause we know what the other think i love you so much ..

Girls i love you all , i love you more as my life without you my life is simply no longer useful, thnak you for being here and love me

And my Boys …

Peter – Thank you for being who you are we didnt talk a lot but i know you are a wonderful person, that what you write is so amazing and i hope that u will reach every single goal in you r life

Matt – Dude you such a crazy guy thats unbelivable, you are everytime happy and this is something good in life, im glad that i meet you its everytime a funny time when we all together at one place

Maui – I Love it when you scream Hey Sarah how are you everytime when we see us hahha its always funny XD .. you are so funny .. thank you that i had the chance to meet you

Mitchell – Thank you for being who you are, you have such a good heart, The entertainments were always very funny with you … and that you ensure you’ve done to me sometimes I found it really nice Thank you for everything

Conrad – I Never meet a guy like you, you are so nice to every one and are always happy when u see me its amazing .. your vioce is so amazing so emotional im thankful that i had the chance to meet you

Boys i really love you and be thankful that i had the chance to meet everyone of you , you are a part of my family u guys gave me so much love in the last half year i dindt deserve so much love from you …

Thank you for making my life livable