I Miss their Pretty Faces ;-(

Its like something really Important left Germany on the 5.8.2012.

We all know that this time would come, that we need to say Goddbye to our Pretty Faces, but we all didnt know that this would be so hard 😦 .. To say Goodbye at the Airport was the most emotional Goodbye in my life i didnt cry cause i dont want that they see my tears but it was so hard cause we all dont know when they are back, the only thing at this time that we know was that they fligh to Sweden to rock the Rix Fm Festivals.

Shows without the Midnight Madams in Sweden ;( .. … and then also the Release of their record in Sweden finally ? ..

But what i need to say maybe it sounds hard but it was a little bit annoying to read every single day 1000 times a day how amazing Sweden is how amazing the Fans are, how great the shows are, how much support they get, we all know how amazing you are and sure w wish you all so much support and love but we here in Germany feel all miserable to read that over and over again, also Peter the quiet one, who not really often talk about Shows or stuff like that from Germany start to post also how amazing it is and everything… .. 

I was a little bit confused, i get spammed about all these Sweden stuff, mabe sweden is amazing sure but at these times i reall start to hate sweden cause mr mama midnight start to retweet evey single tweet from a 1D Fan or what ever .. For me a Retweet was something special cause he read what i wrote and thought the same i like it but now hes a Retweet Bitch sry but so many Retweets are not normal .. 

I Know who are al overwhelmed about what happend in Sweden and im Glad that the Sons of Midnight stone start to roll in Sweden i wish you all the best .. but i felt like .. hey we are also here what about us 😦  … … … …

I Really miss you guys, your pretty faces, your love, your hugs everything, to listen to your songs make me everytime so sad cause i know you guys are not there and im a little bit scared how bigger you guys gonna be so less i can see you guys it will be never again like this year to see you so often on stage and backstage .. I Hope we still have the chance to see you guys so often we all can ..

To share some time with you, to laugh and having some fun ❤

I Truly love you with all my love and with all my life and it will never stop, i miss you like hell, Hope we see us soon back here in Germany The Girls from the beginning are here and waiting of you boys

Xxx Sarah  



Picture by : Hanna Fransson


I Love you Tiffy

Yes the First Midnight Madam that i meet ❤ yes you was the first ^^ 🙂

I Can remember we meet us infront of the Blueshell 02.02.2012 ❤ never forget that date ^^ .. It was at this time so damn fucking horrible bad brrrrr -10 degress or what we saw the boys when they arrive and Conrad was the only one who hug us all 🙂 haha what an awesome night 😛 cold but awesome ❤ …

After that we start writing so much via Twitter, Facebook everywhere we can. And you mean so much to me we talk at some night hours 🙂 i really miss these nights so bad  :/  …

You mean so much to me, i cant say you exactly how much cause i cant write in words how much, only what i can say is that i never wanna loose you and i do everything to keep you in my life my Sister, My PinkLover <3, my life, my soul and my family ❤

I Love to talk to you wo write hours with you to laugh with you to cry with you everything, you also were there when i was really down almost at the end of everything and you helped me so much with everything i dont know how i can thank you for that.

I Also visit you at home and we had so much fun ^^ specially you mom loves me haha that was a time ❤ 🙂 haha

I Love You Tiffy please never forget that and im always there for you no matter what time is it or where you are im always there for you ❤


I Love You Tiffy



Lara Aileen :)

You want the Truth here u get it ❤

You are a wonderful Person, with such an amazing personality, we met us the first time in Berlin at the 28 April. We start talking and laughing and everything and we share the love to Sons of Midnight.

After that day we start talking slowly via Facebook 🙂 .. we start talking about so many things and we laugh also so often about some things 🙂 …

Well then i saw Livingstin gave a Accoustic session here in cologne and i knew that i can ask you to go with me cause you love these bos and then we us again back 🙂 Im Happy that i meet you through Sons of Midnight … i mean we love the same band and that is really amazing i love to talk to you all the time and i also love to meet you on some concerts and everywhere cause we have so much fun together i mean

last time we in Mc Donald we meet there Rolf and after that Livingston haha that was so good hahah 🙂


Im Thankful that i meet you and im ecited to see you so soon as possible back 🙂

I Love you Claudi <3

My Twin ❤

We just knew us like Elli since April 28 this year i cant belive it how much you mean to me ..

We was the first who really start to talk at the hall, we laugh a lot on that night 🙂 it was really an amazing night and then sunday where you walk a little bit through Berlin was amazing .. i was really sad that i leave you and Berlin to get back to cologne.

We can make jokes together thats amazing i just need to say my hotel room the closet hahah 🙂 i love you for that ^^

Since that night we start talking alot and find out that we are actually twins hahah we share so much thats on one site amazing but on the other site really scary haha i mean i can talk with you about everything thats so amazing ❤


You were there when i was really down, when i tried to bring all to an end you were all the time there and im so thankful .. well im still at some days really down but i know that i need to stay strong . you should know im always there for you, always cause you mean so much to me, im glad that i found you on this earth and i will fight for that, that you will stay for the rest of my life in my life  ❤

I Love you so much my Sister, my Twin, my Soul, my Family

I Just need to say that ❤ i Love you for ever ❤

xxx SarahImage

I Love you Strawbelli <3

Well i cant Believe that i didnt wrote a Blog for you kinda weird ..cause there are so many things that i wanna tell you ..

So we just knew us really since April 28 this years, the first time we saw us was, reall strange cause u were there with Nadine and Claudi and im with Sabine 🙂 .. We dindt talk a lot at the beginning but a few Hours later we couldnt stop talking ❤

Im So Glad that these 5 Aussie bring all of us together .. since day 1 it feelts like i would knew you for years, we talk so much in these 2 days and i was really sad that i need to drive back to fucking cologne  -.- . But after that we wrote a lot via Twitter or Facebook. Since these day i knew i Love you ❤ ^^

Cause you understand me in so many ways we had a lot of problems in our life some same problems, you know which one  … and it really feels like i know you for so long and not just since end of April. I Know That i can trust you and can talk with about everything and you are always there for me and will be. I Never had such an amazing friend in my life like you sure also my other lovley girls but this blog is just for you ❤

It makes me sad when your sad and i miss you every single day these stupid distance going on my nerves -.- … i try so often i can to travel ^^  to berlin to see you and my claudi cause YOU ELLI mean for me so much i cant describe it really in words you should know

That i love you for who you are, and this makes you so lovely, sweet and perfect 🙂 Im so happy that i can call you my sister and soul and my family ..

I want to miss you in my life cause you are too important for me to loose you, you should know im always there for you it doesnt matter what time is it or where you are im always there and love you ❤


xoxo Sarah


A Soul who never get fixed, a heart who never run perfectly ?

– Thursday 15.08.2012 / 00:00 am

Somethign i ask myself everythime the same question all the time, why deserve some people so much hate in their life, they cryed all the years, hasnt much friend, divorce of the parents, get bullied over years, lost everyone, stopped eating, start puking out everything what they eat (eating disease), start cutting just loose the reason to life anymore …

Yeah Welcome in my Fucking Life ….

Thats all happening in my life every single fucking thing ! Kinda sad right !…

Sometimes i wonder that im still here and breathing .. i never had a perfect childhood or a good Teenager life, i can remember my mom was reall sick i was 8 years old and she need to left me for 2 month and this was so hard for me that she left me, the first time we talk via phone i start crying all the time and said she needs to come back but she cant, at this time the whole shit starts to begun .. in year 2000 my mum wants the divorce and this was really hard for me then at this time i saw my dad the last time this is now 12 years ago 😦

At one site i hate him so much, i never wanna see him again or talk to him,  but there is this little thing in me that just want a hug just wanna know how it feels to get a hug from your own dad 😦 but this will never happend …

.. the bullied thing starts at grade 6 i hear so many words through the years and also at this time i stop eating for a while, or when i needs to at something i puke it directly out, i never told that someone i did it for 2 month and lost 15pounds .. but my ex best friend helped me out of this situation … after school i never heard anything from her nothing 8 years friendship for nothing !!

at this time i also start to hurt myself with so many things .. i really had some plans how i can bring my life to an end .. i really planned it the letter for my mum was written .. but i didnt ! I Never know how it feels to have a real family my whole family break up in 2000 after the divorce of my parents … still now the fact makes me really sad … its a divorce between the Adults not the kids !!!

I Know that no one can fix my sould my heart is also fucked up, who can really love when he just know what hate is, how it feels to get bullied, to cut everything ….

I Lost my friends all from school the couple that i had ! .. I never had much friends !! At afte all that i start eating a lot i just search some look in the food i know theres never a better life with it . now i know that and i wish i never start eating that much, after years im now at a point where when i lokk in the mirror and start cryin what happen to me .. i try now to loose all this weight but its really hard to loose all that sometimes i think for what ! I dont know 😦 …

I mean who love someone that look like i am at the moment who they are all just laughin ! .. Thats it !!

I start searching in music a reason to live, i try to find some happiness ! and i DID ! at these hard time i found one Band  they helped me with their music with everything and these boys are the reason why im still here and breathing i talk about Simple Plan. They defently saved my life i know them now for 10 years …

I know that i cant change my past .. the life at the moment in 2012 is maybe also not much better at the moment but maybe someday im happ, i wish im happy …

Well Last year in Frankfurt i heard th first time from Sons of Midnight and trough these Band i finally found Girls who i really love and they love me for that what i am, i just know them since this year some off them since end of April but im so thankful for this girls they are there for me and im so thankful for them … i start to have some happy times i thought okay now i can start to be happy but then ..

The past me was back .. but this time really bad  : (  .. so many bad things happend this year … 12 years without my dad, i lost my job, then these stalker girl, i start to be really depressiv, crying over days/weeks and dindt stoped, and everything was against me, and this time i tryed it again bought some pills to kill me just to stop this life cause i didnt say any reason to stay here on this world, but this girls stopped me and also the singer of the band SoM, and im still here well

maybe to live a life isnt easy but i think it should be a little bit easier why i need to fight for everything WHY !!! .. I need to promise Conrad that i never do that again cause then hes getting mad ! .. i really try to hold that promise but on days like this one i really start thinking about it again to bring it to an end to stop it ..

would i be missed, who would miss me, this thought all the time through my head … but then i think hey they are these wonderful 5 Girls outside, that i really love and care about i cant let them alone here i need them and they need me, we need eachother and ther are these wonderfull 5 aussies i defently would miss them and their amazing music they helped me a lot .. so i must stay strong, i must smile and be happy I MUST !

Well i cant believe that i all write that down whats in me and what happend in my life, maybe you understand me now better, i know its not that what some people want to read but this is me

Last at the end .

I know how it is to get bullied, cut, puke everything but you must find a thing in your life that gave you a reason to live Maybe my soul never get fixed, my heart will never run perfectly but all what i can say people who i love and care about, i never stoped love them and being there for them cuase they are my life and reason why im here and breathe.


Image    xx Sarah



…. Sons of Midnight Promotion ….

So Me and my Girls try to help our boys with the Band Sons of Midnight, they need us now more then ever, the radio stations doesnt play their Song The Fire at the radio stations we all try our best and request them so often we can someday 10 times a day but they dont play it !

So we try now everything what we can to promote them, to make them bigger as now and bring them some more likes on their Facebook Page ..

Its kinda sad that really good musicians doesnt get the chance to live their dream here in germany, here in germany just get boybands or people like Gaga,Bieber, or whatever the chance to come really big here, Bands like Sons of Midnight need to fight here in the music industry to get a lot of attention here, its not fair that bands who play all their Instrument by themself and write their song by themself doesnt get that attention what they deserve.

Yeah they doesnt look like the typical musician and they doesnt play pop musik music but when you all would know more about the story behind Sons of Midnight, would listen to their songs you woukd understand about what im talking about here.

When you listen to them Songs its like you would hear a story of your own life, you hear and feel the emotion in every Song of them. Their First single came out in Febuary called The Fire, i reall love this song its a mix of Pop/Rock :). They First Record also came out this year in March and i love every single song of it .

The Personallity of each of the 5 guys are amazing, they all have a good heart and love to have some contact with their fans they take alway after the show a little bit time to talk with some of their fans and gave some autographs pictures everything, which band do this in 2012 seriously when you want  a picture with you fave band member you really need to fight for that but these boys you just need to ask .

I Defently can say, i just know this boys since last year september but they gave me so much the year almost . With their music and everything, and thats why i wanna promote them as much as i can to help them that they get the chance to come back to germany and going on Tour again we all miss them.


So please Spread the Love for Sons of Midnight Shar everything what you can, like their Page :

http://www.facebook.com/?ref=tn_tnmn#!/sonsofmidnight and do all what you can for them, listn to the music of them and feel what i feel 🙂 theres also the fanoage where the fans always talking about the boys 🙂 http://www.facebook.com/?ref=tn_tnmn#!/pages/Sons-of-Midnight-Fanpage/150991504996733


Thank you for reading


XoXo Sarah 🙂



A Mess in my head like a caroussel

Well i dont know what i should think at the moment, there are so much emotions in me and so much thought that i cant let it out. I mean so many things that i wanna say, so many things that i wanna do and arghh ….

First of all theres these Band Sons of Midnight they had at the moment not a lot of support that they acutally deserve and normaly that means to qiut th contract with the music label cause not much support means not enough money so they kick them out the contract and we are scared about that cause we all love these band so much they gave us all so much in the past month and to know that this what we all never want could happen real soon, that show us emotions in us 😦 ….

We do all our best to promote them to help them everything but we are scared that its not enough 😦 ..

there also these other thing to get ignored by someone of them idk what i did or whatever but i know there is something what happen and i wanna know what !! I wrote him something on Fb as a message but he didnt answear to that or i tweet them and still no answear helllo  ?!?!? well since yesterday i start unfollow him on twitter and i also think to delete him on Fb but im not really sure cause he answear everyonce except me !

As i said to much at the moment in my head theres a lot more but i dont wanna write everthing down here


xx sarah


The bad feeling to miss people


Well i defently miss some people at the moment and thats really bad, these distance between us all is so bad 🙂 … There are at one site my girls that i really miss and also my boys called Sons of Midnight.

My girls are Elli, Claudi, Tiffy, Sophie and Sabine..

Sophie and Sabine are not that far away from me just maybe 1 hour but we dont have the chance to see us so often we can, then there is my girl Tiffy she live in Ebern near Bamberg and this is so damn far away from here cologne 😦 and of course my 2 love ones in Berlin 546km away from me and it makes me really sad that i cant see them just maybe every 2 month cause the drive to it costs to much -.- … i really miss every single one of them really bad that i could cr all day 😦 ..

and on the other site they are my boys Mitch, Con, Matt, Peter and Maui at the moment they are in sweden to have some shows there and working on their 2 Album, im so happy for them they so many people start to love them like i do, but normall they have a little hotel in Berlin and live there for a while it was a good feeling t have them here in Germany but now they are so far away and it feels like something really important left germany and i dont know when there comming back cause thy going home for a while to see after a long time their friends and family back im happy that they have then finally some time with them, but i miss them a really bad ..

i saw them lest week in düsseldorf at the last show and it feels like they leave germanyfor weeks so bad i miss them 😦 .. to watch old pictures and watch old videos or just listen to the music makes me every single time so sad that i start crying 😦 … i really hope they come so soon as possible back to all of us

i really hope it cause i really love every single one of them

Thank you so much for specially the last 3 days Conrad …

Well im not sure if you read this one here but there are a coulple thing that i defently need to say.

First of all i really need to thank everyone of the band Sons of Midnight, you boys gave me so much hope and so much love in the last 6 month, its amazing, and also you gave me these amazin girls, that i all really love <3.

 Never thought that i can love a band specially each person of them so much, that is unbelievable really !!

But i must say you Conrad are such an amazing Person with such a good heart you really care about me and i dont know what to say about that , it makes me really speachless !!

I mean your voice is unbeliavable amazing and you sing with so much love, please never stop to sing ❤

You know about the problems that i had and we talked about it, and this weekend gave me so much positiv vibes and so much hope in my life thats amazing, it feels so good that i can talk with you about everything whats going on and you really understands me . I feel myself a little bit bad about bring my life to an end cause what you sad in this night , i never thought that you think like that and  i must promise you to do something like that never again in my life, when i would do it you are getting really mad and this should never happend ! i dont want that you getting mad i defently do that never again i promise .

For me you are a special and pretty important person in my life and i defently never let you go …  that i promise cause i never meet a person like you that cares about people who he actually just knew since 6 month, you are an integral part of my heart and this would never change !!

and the night was for me such an honor to spend with all of you some private time we all talk about so many thing that we had never chance to talk about , i knew you all now a little bit better and see how amazing you are .. but mostly i love all the kisses and hugs that i recive this night mostly of you hahah , there was a lot im not sure if you knew what all happen before you leave into your bed 🙂 …

So thank you for everything what you do and please stay like who you are and never change yourself cause you are a wonderful person that i really love ..

this time we had a special goodbye ..

I already missed you at the airport, i really try do not cry cause this goodbye after all that breaks my heart so bad, cause i dont know when i see you back here ein germany, specially see you in person back 😦 cause at the moment you are so far away 😦 .. so please come pretty soon back i defently miss you really bad 😦

a lot of hugs, kisses and love to you

xx Sarah