Good Times save good memories for a life right ??? Well maybe not

Hey Readers,

as you see from the Titel this is something about some memories and im not sure if every single one that i have is really a good one, yes at this time i had all this moment i was really happe laugh a alot and all that.

But when i look now back to all this times, im not feeling myself really happy and could laugh, its more like i could cry all the time, and wish i could go back to this times, back to the laugh and fun times ?

In this year was pretty often on concerts and was out with my friends and stuff like that, when i lokk today back to some of these dates, i feel like lost and sad. Cause all these moments are far back in the past, days i will ever forget but someday i wish i could forget these days cause then i would stop to cry and be sad all day. I tried to let some memories go to forget some of them to make the now a little bit easier but it doesnt work .

– Sure at one site dont wanna forget all this, but is it good to feel each day this missing feeling, to miss people like hell and wish you could pack directly your bags and fligh/drive to them ?

Did you ever had or still have the same problem like i ? and did you found a way to make this all better as now ? Well i tried to make it better to stop to listen to their music and now its 4 weeks ago, 4 weeks without listen to the songs of them, or my lovley friends and try as much as i can to stay in contact with them but it makes it all not better.

Specially when i see that one of them need some love right now and i cant be there and this kills me.

Why i doesnt gave a on/off button for the memories that you can use when you need a break from everything ? Sure

distract works out for a while but at the end, when you back in you bed alone and start thinking about the day, the memories are back.

But i have at the same time these horrible feeling in me, what happen in the future ? Did we have then also some good moment/memories or would it be diffrent, what happen when we see us back after such a long time, i know that i love my Girls for every it will be everytime the same when i see them <3. But what is with the other .. .. ..

Im really scared about that … … …



2 thoughts on “Good Times save good memories for a life right ??? Well maybe not

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