Music / Concerts my escape of Life

Hey It seems that a few blogs going online today ..

Well for me as might some of you dont know is a very important part of my life, she is there when i need it i dont need to explain why i need it or when she is always there. I can put my earphone in my ear choose a song and it helps me through a situation that im going through or need to get through.

Sometimes i listen to a few songs when i write a blog or when i search for some answears and dont know how to find them, for me the music has something special something magical.

It makes it within seconds even better as it already is.

Im glad that i have sometimes the chance to go on concerts and see bands playing and piut my mind on mute and just listen to the songs there were playing, it feels like  that im home there were i love to be and there were i should be.For me its not even important to meet people who play this music for me its important to see people there who i know and share this magical moment with them.

In my friendzone theres a lot of peoplewho share the same love as i do to the music we all have a kind relationship with the music, she is for all of us always there and dont bring us down she can help us in so many ways and music can bring people together and closer to each other, help to meet new people and share things.

Outstanding people dont might understand people like me, i listen more than 5 hours a day to music and couldnt probertly survive without them, she is and always will be a very important part in my life and in my heart, do you feel the same ?

I Love the meet new people who share the same love to the music i think people dont need to share the same love for bands when you  both love the music i think then its already enough might you gonna love the others bands to but you dont need to cause we are all diffrent and this is something good.

When you lay down at night in your bed or in the grass close your eyes and push play on your Favorit song what do you feel ?

I feel free at this time, all problems are gone at this time ..

What is music for you? What does she mean you ? Could you survive without her ?



Thoughts over Thoughts

Hey peeps,

Hope you are all good and everything runnings good in your life ?

In the last days and weeks i thought about allot of things good and bad ones and i start re reading my old blogs here that i post and i dont know i said pretty often its getting better and all this in the last weeks it doesnt really run good to be honest, sometimes i dont know what think about this whole situation, my mum said when one door close for you then somewherea new one open for me.

But Honestly the past month/year i just had always closed doors and i dont know how many doors i try to open to be finally there where i want and can stay ?

I didnt talk to anyone about all this cause i dont know the whole situation between my friends feels like as somthing change i dont know why always when i feel i shoud say something to be not alone here i feel like i would annoy them cause im not really a happy person and have so many good stuff to talk about i had in the past just shit to talk about and thats why i decided for a few weeks ago to stop talking about my problems and whats really going on, but i feel like its getting to much at the moment, i sit alone look a few times aday at my screen and no messages nothing and this kinda feel weird normally i have messages but it changes in so many ways.

I wish i would really know what happend, wheres the part who all this “relation” between us break and maybe i would know how to fix this or to try to make it better as it already is ?

It felt all so unreal the past weeks i cant even describe it really its like everything else gonna be more important as i am, as all what been said was wrong and not even really true, i just lay at night in my bed i think about a few things and start crying cause i dont understand what happend and what i can do to make all this better as now ?

Theres so many things that i wanna say, but i feel she wouldnt understand what i wanna say and thats the problem i cant tell her really what i feel and how i gonna feel.

This makes it all not easy and it start that something getting between us we talked last year almost every day sometime a couple times a day but now 3 times a week ?

What happend ? you said i were important for you but this silence is killing me inside and i dont know what to say or think about it ? did i said something wrong ? did i act wrong or what happend i just wanna know what happend and how i could fix it to get back to the old days is this to much ? I dont wanna loose the reason(s) why im still here and try to stay here ?

I Just want to see you and hug you is this to much that i want ? Just to have you back at my site and feeling complete and not lost anymore ?

x sarah