“The Society Perfect”

Hey People

We all know that the “Society” want to show us the perfect look of a Human, how you need to look like, how you need to act and all this stuff. In the past weeks i start reading a few blogs and article about all this.

Every single article has the same “beauty things” which a human need to have to be perfect for the “Society”.

  • You Need to be Tall
  • You Need to be Skinny ( Size Zero would be perfect )
  • Long Hair
  • The perfect Skin

But this are just a few things that seems to be important to be “perfect”. Well i scrolled a few times in some social networks around and try to find a few points what the normal people on the world think what is beauty and how do you need to look like, sure theres a lot of people who aggree these points of being skinny, tall and all this but theres a group of growing up boys and girls who defently dont think like this, for them it just counts

  • You Need to have a nice and sweet personality
  • You Need to know what you want in your life
  • You Need to love to spent time with your friends and family
  • You Need to enjoy your life and live it without regrets

These are things that we normal people call beauty. We are all diffrent every single human we are

  • Skinny, Chubby, Fat
  • Short or Tall
  • Blond, Brown, Orange/Red, Blue or anything else 🙂
  • White, Brown or Black

We shouldnt define our beauty about a scala that the Society seems to show us to look perfect, but when we are honest theres people they are healthy Skinny thats totally okay but theres also people who deals with Anorexia just to be Skinny and look like the perfect Woman or Men, to have Anorexia is a really bad thing that in the past year more and more Girls/Boys need to deal with they grow up in a world wheres the important point to be Skinny and Beautiful.

They dont have to choice to see from themself how beautiful they actually are and that they dont need to change themself for anyone, no theres the Social “Society Perfect” and just this seems to important.

To have a Jeans size 0 seems more important as to have a wonderfull time in Highschool with friends, or going out for a Dinner with Someone. More and more people are falling in a black hole cause they want to be accept from thoose other “beautiful called” people and do almost everything just be with them, even then when the last Stop over the Anorexia is the Dead.

The Numbers of dead people who dealed with Anorexia are between 10-15% of the entire mankind, and every year theres more people who think Anorexia is the last point to loose weight just to be perfect.

The exact number of people worldwide whos suffer against or with Anorexia are not 100 % right cause not all people are on a List but News Sites are saying that every 10. person on the world is suffering with or against Anorexia. 

A number that should scare us all, or it should scares us all.

But we shouldnt forget that not just the ( Eating disorder ) is something that people need to deal with no theres many more ways how people go their ways to be “perfect” or sometimes how they fai.

With fail i mean the Suicide who ends always with dead or the Self-harm.

People who seems to think they have never any chance to look perfect or accept by people how they look like, need to find a way to deal with these many emotions whats i this moment is in them, they try to find something to let all this out and Cutting are sometime the “easiest way”.

I Dont wanna say its good no not at all who is a ready of my Blog knows im also dealing with Self-Harm. I Just want to make clear here that we need to be “society perfect” we are already perfect in our own way.

The Numbers of people who commit suicide climb in the past years and also thoose from people who Self-Harm.

Its been said that every 5 mins someone in the world commit Suicide, these numbers are not 100% then sadly some people are never found or just days/weeks or years later.

I dont wanna say that everyone who commit suicide did this just to be perfect, no theres mayn other reasons, i just wanna show here some numbers of these sad ways.

Sadly when you dont look the “society perfect” people think that they could start bulling you just about the fact your seems to be not perfect but you ARE.

I think the Society would never Change their view about being and look perfect in their way, but maybe we all can see in the mirror look at us and start to Love what we see and we all dont want to be something or someone else.

We are all Beautifull in our own way, we are all diffrent and this is right how weird would the world be when we look all like the same person. These things they diffrent between us all make us to something special, your friends ot people who love you family maybe, they love maybe your own Nose how she look or your bright brown eyes ?.

We all get Loved by people around us cause they see us as a perfect human, the society is just a word in a news paper or a word in the Designer Magazins. But we are all better as just a stupid world.

So Look in the Mirror and see yourself with a complete diffrent view of yourself,you are perfect trust me :).

… At the end i just wanna say i dont want to affect against anyone not the skinny ones or the people who wear the size 0 I just want to show here my side and my View how i think about all this, and this here is just this what i think and need to be said, thats it ….

Xo Sarah tumblr_mp6gtuePMf1rfyy5po1_400


Be who you are and dont change Yourself for others

Hey beautiful people

We all started like Little Girls or Boys, who Loved to play all Day long and we dont need to think about if someone likes us or not.

Then Later in our Teenage age, the problema begun, there were groups in school the

cool ones, the nerds, cheerleader, freaks any many more

It was not anymore important how you act no just how you look like and how others can change you just with words

For many people the Highschool is such a hell on earth i know all this bullying shit, the hate everywhere. I know its fucking hard but trust me the Highschool ends and you get out of there.

To stay who you are and what you Love is in this time really hard cause you wanna find friends, sometimes the wrong ones, but you gonna learn from this.

What i wanna say, how hard it is and how much energy it needs dont Change yourself just to get loved by others we are all individual and this makes each of us special and unique.

Dont Change your look, you way to talk or what you eat just be yourself and you will see the truth and honest people gonna love you for this

xo Sarah


Stop Bullying and act normal like everyone else ! ELE

Hey People,

I wanna talk/write about something that i see really often in the newspaper, the Television almost everywhere its getting talked about it so often but it diesnt really changed anything. Im Talking about the wolrdwide disease of the Word and acting “bullying”. I Talked a few times about it and im sure i will start talking about it a few times more cause its still really big everywhere in the world and this is not right !

I mean we are all human, we have all feelings, we act diffrent, we talk diffrent, yeah we look diffrent, but we are all at our own way special and unique i mean how would the world be when we are all the same look like everyone else, act like everyone.

It would be boring right ?

I wanna say yeah we are all diffrent in so many ways but this is what made a persone better said a human to something that we want to know more about and might to fall in Love to this Person, and maybe spent the rest of our lifes with this Person.


But theres this People who think when you are diffrent like they are you would suck, worthless, ugly, fat, stupid, a whore …..


They start calling you all these names and many more, they want to bring you down, just for feeling themself better as they are, to play the Boss in School/Work or somewhere else. Bullying is not right and one of the most disgusting things that happen on the World sine Years. You get hated just about the fact that you are diffrent ? No this is not right !

They dont know what happend with people who get bullied, some are get bullied for month/years, it leaves scars in they soul they start feeling unnecessary, wrong at the place where there thought they are happy. They dont know why they getting hated for what, some of them try to find a way out of it some goes the way over Anorexia to look like the Soceity want us to bring, some start cutting themself to make that the feel go away, and with that i dont mean just one Cut, NO, i mean cut by cut all words is one cut sometimes, or the last way the Suicide the last way to get all out of this and to bring someone to this end is not anymore funny. So many people are so deeply depressed by the fact to get bullied and if this is not enough in the News, Magazines, Tv everywhere theres a thing called soceity who makes all this not even better to look at these “normal” looking people with their unhalty size 0 and then they are we all, how we look like and start thinkin might my bully people are right im to fat “even when you are Skinny” and some start getting a distorted view of our own Body.

To grow up in a world like we have right know is a really hard thing cause you get choose by people how you look like, how much money you have and what you wear and with thoose you act like you would be someone better as the others you start letting your own problems out by bullying others let all your own hate out and you dont think about that what thoose people think and what happend with them and all this.

Everyone of you who has every bullied, think before you speak and dont act like a fucking asshole ( im sorry ofr saying that but its the truth ) just by the fact for being cool enough or something like this, you can kill people or bring people into Anorexia and bring them to do Suicide.

Its not funny to bully and not even cool, i would feel ashamed, with every single word what you say you can kill one person in life,


  • – you can ruin a perfect looking girl with calling her fat and ugly, just because of you shes now dealing with eat disorder and is depressed
  • – you can ruin a young kids life with calling his dumb, fat and worthless, might he start cutting, smoking substanze, and start thinking about suicide

– you can ruin a person with words like

Slut , whore, fat, ugly, fagot, stupid, dumb, disgusting and many more


I just wanna tell everyone who read this here right know and are a victim of people who bullied. No matter how you look like, how much you weight, how you talk or what you like, you are worth it to live, to be happy day by day and you are a wonderfull and beutifull persone on earth dont listen to this people you get loved by so many people you friends love you for your heart and not for that what you look like.

And now the last words to the bully people, shame on you, shame on you for bully, shame on you for calling people words, just shame on YOU .. I hope you can live with the fact that you already killed people with the words oyuve already said think about it, and might you shoudl stop now theres enough hate in the world and we dont need more hate we should all stick together ans spend the years of out own life happy and now being scared to leave the house and know that you get bullied again, how would you feel when you get bullie dday by day and this over years  ?


– Everybody loves Everybody





Suicide Soundcloud Message

Hey People,

For about a few weeks, i was at a down and start scrolling trough my Tumblr with the Search words for

Depressed, Suicide, Cut , Alone , Selfharm


and i found something that changed my view about the whole Suicide completly, i cant even describe in which way it changed but i thought well i should listen to this let see what this is.

The Soundcloud Mp3 is from a girl called ErikalynXo i dont know if she fight against self Harm or Suicide thought or what else but she upload something in Soundcloud called



I expected something about her Story, about the way how she planned might a Suicide or anything else so i start clicking on the play button and within 2 Seconds no words nothing this touched me really she start talking with the First words


” You sitting at your desk”


She start talking about it like it is you, in your own view, it goes 11 mins a bit more and all this changed my view about this i cant really describe how but this was really “impressing” its ight not the right word but i think it exlain it the best how i wanna describe it.

She start talking about is, like its your Story, your way to plan a suicide but she dont end when you re dead no she show you the way after you what is with the people who loves you that you didnt see, the people around you and all this, i honestly got goosebumbs and start crying while listen to this here.

At one site i was fascinated about this Soundcloud but otherwise it scares me to hell, how good she knows “me” in that way, and my way what i planned but early enough stopped and all this just a stranger a girl can change so many minds from so many diffrent people around the world …

i start a few time to write a blog about this but didnt really know how to start and now i just decided to write what i think and when you have these thoughts in you in your mind or just sometimes for about a few minutes please Listen to this here its kinds “wonderfull” How 1 Girl can change from so many people her own mind.

Still when you have problems with Self-Harm ot anything that destroys Yourself please take these 11 mins and close your eyes might use your headphone to hear it clearly and Listen to this its something special in his own way.

Heres the Link to it




It nothing big but might it can help you to see your own life now diffrent then

before, you see things diffrent, your thoughts about it are maybe diffrent ..

Let me know what do you think about this Soundcloud Message.

x Sarah