April 13 : Stupid People


Hey Readers,

Theres always people who think to say stupid stuff about things you do or say. They think they are better just because they think its cool to make fun about someone, but seriously they are not when they dont even have the courage to say that what they dont like about that you do in your face, they are just stupid.

Dont listen to stuff like this, when you believe its right what you do, then do it, give a fuck about these people.

There will be always people who wants to send you hate, being jealous or whatever, they are always there but dont give them the chance to hurt you or something .. do what you love, ignore them, they seems to have a poor life.


x Sarah


April 12 : A Little Help when you feel down and need to get cheered up <3


Hey Readers,


We all have some days when we feel really crappy and shitty and all what we want is to be alone, or getting cheered up but sometimes the people who cheers you up are at work or have at this time no time to help you, they would im sure but we are all sometimes to busy to react when some of our lovely friends feel crappy.

I had it sometimes also this feeling that no one has time or really didnt had and i found a few sites online that kinda helped me, to cheer myself up so i didnt need anyone else, i know that im not alone in this world so i wanna share it with you, when you feel like shit next time join one of the sites and might it will help you <3.







and when this not helps just wrie a friend if he has time later or start writing people in tumblr or twitter jsut for a little chat and you will see it helps even strangers can make you feel better.


x Sarah



April 11 : A Few things to say


Hey Readers,


I hope you had all a good week so far.

Idk why but my Phone doesnt seems to post my post when im online with it so im sorry thats the yesterday didnt got online and i try to type it fast to one from today . But now to the post from yesterday x.


Ive got asked why i Blog day by day or once a week/Month, if i do it cause i just want to do it or i do it to get “famous”.

Well so i really dont think im get famous with stuff what i post here, cause its actually not that stuff that you should be happy about to going through. Sure in the 2014 now it seems some people really want to start blogging just because they want to get famous and stuff like that and its not wrong really i read also a few blogs day by day and some are really good.

But personally for me i didnt put this blog online with the idea of getting famous or stuff like that, for me its personally hard to tell people (New friends or some im not really close to) how i really feel with what i was dealing with and all this, for me it was always easier to write eveything down. I start to search for blogs where i find people with the same thoughts but i found barely some .. whats kind of good is i think. So i decided why not writing stuff down what i think, going through and what i have to say.

Thats the reason why i write stuff down, and i dont just post stuff that seems to be “cool” i just post that i want to post or stuff i want to say. i always said if anyone of my lovley readers here want to talk to me, my box is always open for everyone, leave a comment or anything else no one is alone thats a important message that i always wanna show.

thats it i think 🙂

x Sarah

April 10 : Re Post LIfesaver



Hey World,

We all know how it feels it be alone, no ones there to talk to, or someone you can call or anything else. For people like us it can be a really dangerous situation, we are not save in situations likes this, we always try or even promise to stay strong but sometimes, our thoughts are louder that any promise we ever gave.

For us every dark situation, every bad thoughts are a non stop battle against ourself, we alwas try to win but sometimes we need to accept that we loose. We all have or might had a lot of battles against ourself or still batteling, its a never ending fight. In times like this some dont really know what they want for me personally i wish i could write a person that i need them in this time really bad ( might some of you feel the same ) but i cant, i was never a person who asked for help or anything.

Over the past month and years i become to an really god actor to play the perfect role, the perfekt smile happy face to show yeah of course everything is fine i put my mask on and played the game but at the inside i was dying everytime a little bit more.

Sometime people ask me if im ok or not, but even then i lie to them cause i dont want that they know about my real problems whats ive been battle against, or whats in my head and in my mind, i was 2 times at the point to give them all an end, 2 fucking time, sometimes i sit at a train station and think well one jump and its over .. just one step …

But then i remind myself abput something, theres something that helped always when i feel bad and alone and when no friend is there, its the music for me something really important, she is always with me and i know which song i need to choose, i know which band helps me with their lyrics, its like they understand me, what ive been going through or all what thinking about in this situation they are there for this moment and they say these words that i need, Bands like

– Simple Plan

– Linkin Park

– Good Charlotte

thats just the top theres some more and these are the band that i normal listen to in times like these when i just need someone.Musix and specially these Bands are my lifesaver, so many times they helped me, so many times they stopped me when i was start to cut again what no one of my friends knows ..

Theres always a  small line between giving up and stand up again to fight the battle from the beginning. I really Love my Friends but they have all so many problems and i dont want to bother them with mine too, the deserve so much more to be happy, to smile and to enjoy the life. My Friends are my everything if you hurt them you hurt me too. There are also my lifesaver they helped me in the past so often, theres no us without you and me. My Babes are my heart and my soul, i know that i fight all this battles for them that i need to be strong for them, we all need to be strong for everyone, when one person gives up, then we all fall, 2 girls saved for almost 1,5 years my life, but they wrote me they was there and im really thankfull for this i really am. Without them i wouldnt be here anymore.

Day by Day we fight, we have battles with others or with ourself, we get everytime a little bit stronger out of the fight yea we loose sometimes but we need to look forward to, do it for the people who loves you and who you love.

Dont forget Bands are always there and Listen


Im Proud of you, you are still here xx



April 9 : Re Post


Hey Readers,


Seems like my Phone didnt post yesterdays BlogPost so here are now the one from Yesterday and in an Hour the post from today x


For about a few weeks, i was at a down and start scrolling trough my Tumblr with the Search words for


Depressed, Suicide, Cut , Alone , Selfharm


and i found something that changed my view about the whole Suicide completly, i cant even describe in which way it changed but i thought well i should listen to this let see what this is.

The Soundcloud Mp3 is from a girl called ErikalynXo i dont know if she fight against self Harm or Suicide thought or what else but she upload something in Soundcloud called




I expected something about her Story, about the way how she planned might a Suicide or anything else so i start clicking on the play button and within 2 Seconds no words nothing this touched me really she start talking with the First words


” You sitting at your desk”


She start talking about it like it is you, in your own view, it goes 11 mins a bit more and all this changed my view about this i cant really describe how but this was really “impressing” its ight not the right word but i think it exlain it the best how i wanna describe it.

She start talking about is, like its your Story, your way to plan a suicide but she dont end when you re dead no she show you the way after you what is with the people who loves you that you didnt see, the people around you and all this, i honestly got goosebumbs and start crying while listen to this here.

At one site i was fascinated about this Soundcloud but otherwise it scares me to hell, how good she knows “me” in that way, and my way what i planned but early enough stopped and all this just a stranger a girl can change so many minds from so many diffrent people around the world …

i start a few time to write a blog about this but didnt really know how to start and now i just decided to write what i think and when you have these thoughts in you in your mind or just sometimes for about a few minutes please Listen to this here its kinds “wonderfull” How 1 Girl can change from so many people her own mind.

Still when you have problems with Self-Harm ot anything that destroys Yourself please take these 11 mins and close your eyes might use your headphone to hear it clearly and Listen to this its something special in his own way.

Heres the Link to it




It nothing big but might it can help you to see your own life now diffrent then

before, you see things diffrent, your thoughts about it are maybe diffrent ..

Let me know what do you think about this Soundcloud Message.

x Sarah


April 8 : Believe


Hey Readers,


If you ever believe in something and you wanna do it or anything else just do it, it might gonna hurt people but they are just hurt because they love you and care about you, but when you really believe in something they will understand and might they just need a bit of time to realise everything so dont hate them or be sad when they at the beginning not 100% happy for you, but they are they just can show it at this moment so believe in what you wanna do and reach on of your goals in life.


April 7 : Just be Yourself


Hey Readers,


We are all diffrent, we like other stuff, listen to diffrent music and many many things more, sometimes the soceity or people try to change us, just because we need to fit in a perfect line or the perfect picture, its hard to find your own way in life to be like who you want to be in the future or now, its hard i know, i had also a journey where i lost my way to stand for what i am and what i love i changed myself for people, i stopped being myself and i stopped to believe some things.

But i found my way back, i know who i am and for what i need to stand up and for what not. I know what i love and i do love it because i want to and i dont change myself again, never change yourself for others be you cause this is the only way to be happy in one way, it doesnt help you to be somebody else just the get friends .. people will love you just like how you are.


x Sarah

April 5 : Bands Like family

Hey Readers,

Yeah Bands … People Who saved me and my thoughts Kind of to often in the last years.

People Who dont Adore music Like we do, probertly dont Understand it, how a stranger Can Save just with words he Say so many Lives. How a song Can Change your Mood within 4 Mins.

Its hard to explain it really Sometimes, but when you listen to a song, You Feel that someone understands your Situation, you know theres someone who know with what you’ve been dealing with and you dont get judged, he/she Understand and is there for you just with a song …

You will miss these People to Death, it Starts to physical hurts, it Feels Like the are a Part of your family and you Cant Wait to Meet them again .. All what you want is to See them back .. Maybe to feel Something again or just to Say thank you ..

Thank you For saveing me from myself

Yeah thats describe it a but i think .. You can Write more than 1000 words to describe what a Band can mean to someone, Bands Are our little happy family that we Need Sometimes.


April 4 : A List of songs that can cheer you up and make you maybe feel better


After yesterdays pretty much sad and pretty personal Blogpost i decided to give you something that maybe cheers you up when you are in the mood of being sad. Music is something what helps me personally pretty much i can listen to songs for about Hours and feeling better after a while .
I asked a few of my friends and put up a list with song that cheer them up in times like there its a really good mix of diffrent songs and music genres, so dont judge because they might be a bit to much pop or Rock, these songs helped people in tough times.

Barely Blind – Inner Child
The Lumineers – Ho Hey
Taylor Swift – Mean
4 Non Blonds – Whats up
Green Day – American Idiot
P!NK – Fucking Perfect
Toploader – Dancing in the Moonlight
Coldplay – Clocks
The Killers – Read my Mind
Simple Plan – This song saved my Life
Pharell Wiliams – Happy
One Direction – What makes you Beautiful
Linkin Park – Breaking the Habit
Set it Off – I´d Rather drown
The 1975 – The City

… and many many More

These are just a few Songs that ive know and got send from my friends that helped them in sad times. Music can reach so much in the world and she i always aviable when you need something when you feeling down.
If you knew some more songs that cheers you or some of your friends up please let me know and i will add them to the List. I want to help people who feeling sad sometimes, its not much to help but for me it helps very often.
x Sarah