Dear 2014

Another year is over …

Ive lost this year a few friends but also found some new ones. I had some ups and some downs, ive gone trough hell but i found a way out.

I had some battles to fight … lost some but also won a few … it was a really powerfull year the 2014 one … i had to make some disicions in my life where i never thought to make them.

Ive got treated like shit, heard a lot of shit thats been said behin my back, got into trouble but after all im glad at some point ive been through all this …  i wouldnt be the person i am right now.

I actually didnt know if i should write a “Dear 2014” blog … but i dont know im riting it now right ?.

What happend in 2014, well ive been like all the last years to a lot of concerts like “Fall out Boy, Bastille, All time Low, Blitz Kids You me at Six .. and many more …

Ive been clean since 6.3.2013, i was close to cut again but i didnt and im really proud of that its been now 302 days since the last time .. ive never been clean for such a long time and for the first time i really believe that ive made it to a full year, i know i have people in my life who help me and be there for me.

Ive lost a few friends this year, i never thought i would loose them, maybe i see them someday again and maybe we will find a way back but at the moment i think its the best way we all have to take some time out and need to take care of ourself.

Ive got a new Job this year, first its started as a half time job but since december its a fulltime and in the beginning of 2015 i will get the “Boss Place” :D. Yep for the first time since like 3 years my life finally moved into the right way and i get things done …. i couldnt be any happier right now, everything is running good and it feels good.

I still miss my sisters like hell, this year proved that distance friendship can work if you really want it and you fight for it, i might see them just once a year or twice but when we see each other we spend as much time together and do a lot of things, we enjoy every minute together cause we didnt know when its the next time we see each other. Im happy and thankfull i found these little babes, i wouldnt know where iwould be without them. i just love them x

Yeah  thats it i think not much but yeah the important stuff that happend.

Theres already lots  of stuff planned in 2015, my babes are visit me for my birthday and we go together to a concert for the last time cause on of my friends leave germany for a year for a work and travel in Australia.

i will visit Manchester in March, something i really looking forward to, i really missed england so much its been 5 years i think since the last time ive been there and i spend the time there with my wonderfull friend <3.

Yeah and im sure theres more good things on the way in 2015 so lets make it a good one xx

x Sarah