clean since 365 days 

Hey Peeps 

I never thought i would ever Write these Lines but in clean from Self Harming. I hit the Mark 365 days. Its So strange that a year is Over now … 

Im really happy about IT that i’ve made IT so far. I’ve been Through so much Shit the past 2 years and im on a good Way  … If people had told me for 365 days that i Will made IT to be clean for a year i never believed them tbh. 

There were days thats been Rough and of Course theres still some “Cloudy Day” thats how i call them but i know theres more other ways instead of start Cutting again.

I Wouldnt made IT, without my Wonderfull friends my Babes, the last year was Rough but we made IT and we are stronger now.  

I love you ❤

Dont forget you are beautifull and you are Strong ❤ 

X Sarah 


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