April 7 : Just be Yourself


Hey Readers,


We are all diffrent, we like other stuff, listen to diffrent music and many many things more, sometimes the soceity or people try to change us, just because we need to fit in a perfect line or the perfect picture, its hard to find your own way in life to be like who you want to be in the future or now, its hard i know, i had also a journey where i lost my way to stand for what i am and what i love i changed myself for people, i stopped being myself and i stopped to believe some things.

But i found my way back, i know who i am and for what i need to stand up and for what not. I know what i love and i do love it because i want to and i dont change myself again, never change yourself for others be you cause this is the only way to be happy in one way, it doesnt help you to be somebody else just the get friends .. people will love you just like how you are.


x Sarah



First of all im deeply sorry for having a little time out with blogging .. i needed some time for myself to figure out a few things and all this but i try to blog now more xx

We all have a lot and some just a few people around ourself that we call “friends” people who we truly love and talk to when we need someone to talk. Friends are really important people in our life except beside parents and the family, with friends you can talk about your problems, they dont judge you for being you, friends are there when you need them.

Since we all were little we searched for friends like in the kindergarden, the early beginning of searching people.

In our Life we might still our old friends that we knew for a very long time, but people change over the years and somehow they figure out that they are not that close anymore as they was. When we all started to go to the highschool we all tried to find people who listen to the same music like we do, love the same things, we tried to find some for not being alone.

In our early years it was way  easier to find new friends, it doesnt count how you look,who you are or what you stand for,  you wanted just some fun in the School breaks or after School.

But now in our all teenager lifes and in the Soceity of 2013 its really hard to find new people who accept you for who you are and what you love. Theres always and everywhere people who hate you for who you are and they dont accept you way how you life your live. They try everything to break you, the try to hate yourself for who you are.

People start getting really rude in their teenage age  and still after that they didnt change they attitude to all these things. The soceity makes it for us the teenager not really easy to find new people who you can trust 100%, its getting harder and harder year by year, we all lost our friends because we didnt had much time with them  or we start loving diffrent things, theres always many ways why a friendship broke. I think all of you had this one friends that you thought you share your whole life with but at the end it broke sadly …

Sometimes you see it comming that the friendship start to change you dont talk that much like before or your love to something is not the same anymore, the other person start to talk with others way more about things, and it makes yourself really sad cause you cant really understand why all this happend, what did you´ve done to deserve to treated like that, sometimes püeople change like 180* and are complete diffrent, its normal for a person to change we all change in one way, but the thing is, are the people change themself with or without you, do they still want you in their life when they dont show you this feeling ?

A Friendship is not something that comes and stay for doing nothing, a real friendship is hard work for both sides to keep them.  A Friend need to fight for you trust and for the place in your heart, its not like hey be my Friend for the next 80 Years, no its not that easy, i mean not for me, for me i need to know everything about a person to call him a friend.

Sure its normal to have sometimes a little fight with your friends, its normal to have sometimes a diffrent view about a few things but the important thing is you need to accept this other view to this and still love this person for this, to have always the same love for something is not always good, you shouldnt change yourself for the other peson to like you, that would be stupid, cause you are who you are and you should be proud of this when people dont like you for this that this are not real friends, and a little fight between you and your friends brings you sometimes closer as you was, sure theres alwas the point that a friendship can break but then it was not the right and real one.

When you really love a person and you want her in your life, then be you, true friends accept you for this and love you.

x Sarah


Sometimes it seems to be everything is okay but actually its not

Hey People…

Something that we all might know, maybe from some others or from yourself. I think everyone of you said sometimes that everything is okay when its actually not, im right or ?

At some point you dont wanna talk about all that about what you ve ben going through at the moment or was giong through, you know your friends just wanna help you but you think its maybe better to keep it for you. Theres things tht you dont wanna share with anyone, things that you fight against it and you wanna fight alone.

Everyone on the world has 2 lifes, or better said to faces …


— The Smile Face

Where you show the world that you are happy, happy with everything and it couldnt be better, you have friends, a family , a job, all your dream comming true, no problems in you life everything is perfect.


— The Sad face (dark face)

These site you actually dont wanna show anyone, you wanna keep that all by yourself, you dont wanna show how easy its actually is to get hurt and dissapointed about things or important people. You try as much as you can to keep these site as a secret, you dont want that the other people think you are weak.


You live the whole life with these two faces, some of you show both sites in their live to people some of you maybe not. To show the site how easy you get hurt by things is very hard and a really long working process, a working process of a realationship between friends or really important people.

All what i can say is dont be that shy to open yourself, yes sometimes you get hurt by the fact to open yourself but also sometimes you see how good it feels to have people around you who love both sites of you and take you exactly how you are and love ou for this, and maybe you see how much you have in common with some of your friends.

Ive got hurt by people where i open myself and it was a hard way to trust again but now i found the real people i can trust to and this is the best feeling that you ever can get, trust me

And when you see that some of your friends have a problem, or you just feel it, dont be shy to ask


” how are you, is everything okay”


and ask maybe 2 or 3 times, some people dont say it directly that something is not right …. and still then when they dont wanna say anything just let him know that you always there when these person wanna talk, cause you love this person and wanna be there for them, thats the most wonderfull gift that you can give your friend.

xx Sarah