When Bands call it quit/Break up. 


Most of you Know what i mean, you have a Favorit Band or One you really like. You Love to listen to their Music and you Support them as much as you can and Then One Day were you thought this Could Never Happen … They Call it quit … Out of nowhere.

It’s like your Heart would Shatter in Million Pieces, you Start crying and Cant stop and all what you can think of is Why? Why Does this Happen Right now?

Theres many ways to Fall in Love with a Band

– to Fall in Love with a Member

– or to Fall in Love with the lyrics

Mostly People can Identify their life with the lyrics of a certain Band, it’s like they would Know whats Going on, or understands you.

Music makes Everything less painfull.

Thats Why alot of People get attached to Bands Cause they Know How their feel, or throught what they been. Bands/Music has a Huge inpact of Most of the Poeple Life’s.

You keep Supporting that Band Cause they help you to keep Going and the thought that this Band Could stop to excist ist Something that no One really think about, and exactly thats Why Are Bands Break ups Always so hard for us to Understand or Handle.

You grab their Music when you feel sad or Alone and they Are Always there Even when Not in Person and Then when they Call it quit you don’t know How to Handle this.

Whos gonna Be there now when you Need someone ? When you listen now to their Music it’s Not the Same you Always Look Back at the “good” times and feel sad because it’s over.

Bands keep Most of the Teens Alive so hard it may Sounds.

Some Poeple Cant Handle These Feelings and lost the Control about themself, some just cry a Few times and get over it, Some don’t Even Care.

But for me a Band Break up when it’s One of my Fave it’s Never easy.i Always feel sad and hurt when i Look Back, i Know How much Fun i had with them and i Know it’s Never the Same … Sometimes you Cant Even Say goodbye to that Band Cause you Cant Afford to Travel so far, or they might can Afford to get on tour for the Last Time.

But Even How hard this Time is we shouldnt forget to good times and the New Friends we all Found through that Band. WE keep them in Out Heart forever

X sarah


People who left footprints in your heart

Hello Readers,

This can be grow up to a wonderfull thing, that you ve meet new people and start loving them with all your heart and with all your love, you miss them like hell and everything but it can change also into something really bad then, footprints can change into really hurting scrars of getting the feeling of being betrayed.

The 2 sites of missing someone

Ive never believed in this that just people can changed your own life in something complete diffrent, i mean when you start think about this, theres actually just people you ve meet.

But this year ive learned it could happend, people who leave footprints of your heart, and they change yourself into something complete new, you find reason and start believing in something good. Ive meet a “Band” and trough these Band ive meet so many people in whole Germany, and we have so much in common and thorugh these Girls and Boys ive change myself in so many ways, im still not over my past and maybe i never get over this but these people gave me more strenght in my life and reasons to smile for something.

Ive heard a few times about this that Strangers become to something really wonderfull like soulmates, sisters or something else, but ive never had this chance to meet people like this. I just learned how mean people can be, and what they can say and do to yourself and with yourself.

But i think the Soceity of 2011/2012 or the next years who are on the way, show us a complete wrong pictures of being Beautiful. I mean with this .. I would never talk to an “Barbie” Girl, i mean with this a girl who looks perfect with all the Make up on and wear just label clothes, that what i mean with “Barbie” girl. I would never to talk to someone like this cause i think these people would ignore a girl like me and i think im not the only one who think the same right know. The Soceity killed the Gene in people to meet new People to being open for something new.

and then its hard to find people who can become for you something impotant and special, its hard to find new people, and we all dont meet new people we never gonna find these wonderfull persons in our lifes. Its kinda sad what the soceity already kills and do with us

When i imagine where i would be right know and who i am right know when ive never gone to this concert at the 11.09.2011. I dont know what happend then ?

At one site it scares me a bit, but at the other site it haqppend something wonderfull in my life. People who accept me for that what i be and always gonna be. These Girls and Boys defently leaved footprints at my heart. They become for to people who i really love and happy about, and i never wanna miss these wonderfull people in my life, cause i dont wanna change it.

In the last few days i start thinking about a few thing, how my life would be now without them and all this, and im not sure where i would be .. But it would be completly diffrent.

The Only advice that i wanna give you, when you found a person who you already see that these person can help you more as some other fight for that , that she or he is stil and always will a part of your life then these people are like diamonds in the world, they shining and being Rare in the world so beware and care.

The Other site of leaving footprints on your heart could be, when a realationship starts to break, and this in nothing really good its sad when someone that you told everything from you, who you love and care about step away from being a part of you life and start being and outstanding persone. This is somethin really heartbreaking and leaves scars on your heart where the footprints was.

We all are never beware of getting hurt by someone who we thought can trust to, but this happend so often in the life but still this hard part of a life can be a lesson who you can learn from, i mean when you ve lost your best friend in your life yeah this is hard but you ve learn from this and getting stronger out of this, you dont see this directly but after days or maybe weeks you will see, you ve learned from this. Trust me i know from what im talking about.

Get strong out of this and make a new start

All these situation making us to this what we are right now, so chin up, smile and enjoy the journey of the life.

xxx Sarah