Love is Love no matter which Gender you or your partner are.

Hey People,

Pretty often in the news or in the Television the Love between two men or two woman is still a big deal, or in diffrent countrys like russia its not allowed to live in a releation ship like this, its not allowed to fall in love with the same gender.

Some kind of people still think that something is wrong with thoose people or they are sick or disgusted by them, sure everyone has a own view of all this, but i cant understand this LOVE is LOVE, no matter what even wehen you have the same Gender. I really cant understand people who start hating people who Love the same Gender they are all human the same like we are they Love someone truly and do the same things that Man and Woman do in their relationship, the only diffrence is the Gender and actually this shouldnt be a thing to hate someone for.

We are all human and we are all looking for love and searching for someone who we can love and spend the rest of my life with, no one should ever get hated, bullied or offend for something that makes himself happy.

I think we all live in 2014 now and it shouldnt be a big deal anymore for getting arrested just because you LOVE.

Selena Gomez an actress, singer and all round talent had a World Tour in 2013, she had plannend to play a few concert in russia, she is a suport for same Marriage and Love, her Visum for Russia got denied cause she supports it, theres not just russia where people get problems. In the USA theres still some states where its not allowed to marry the Love of your life just because the same Gender.

Like in the Soccer career its still not a thing to talk about “Outings” its still a forbidden thing cause they are to scared to get attacked from Fans or even other Soccer player. In Germany a ex- National player called Thomas Hitzlsperger. After he left his football career he admits that he is Homosexual. He was to scared to talk about it in his career but after he left his Job as a Soccer he found the strenght to talk about it.

Also some Youtuber called Tyler Oakley and Troye Sivan found the strenght to talk about it, they are both homosexual and they show it and are proud of it, Troye shot a Video 07.08.2013 when he admits the whole world that he is gay, he filmed a Video called Comming out “Link below”, he talks about it how he felt and everything you should watch it if you are scared to have you own comming out.

— > <—

Theres so many people in the world who are Homosexual or Lesbian

– Ellen Degeneres

– Ricky Martin

– Elton John

– Lance Bass

– Jodie Foster

and many many more.

You cant judge people for what they love and live for, when you look on the street or at the train station in someones  eyes you cant see if they ot not, all what you see is a wonderfull human who live.

People who get hated or bullied mostly start to self-harm cause they cant stand the hate what they get, and they didnt even deserve this, they start to loose the happiness in they life and get depressed and really sad, sometimes it sadly end with suicide just because they open to people that they Love someone who seems to be in their eyes not right . So many people died of suicide just because getting bullied or something else in some country all over the world they also get killed because of this, or they get sexual abused. Itsnot right and never will. Sometimes i feel very sad and really angry why people are so stupid andy why they hate something where they dont have a clue from. They just listen to other people ot the newspaper what they say that dont even have a own oppinion so people make me sick, let them alone.

For me personally one of my uncle admits almost at christmas that he is homosexual and i was happy about it cause he talked with us about it and for me its wasnt a big deal a still love him cause he is still the same person, lots of my school friends are now lesbian and now, nothing they all found someone who they really love and this makes me happy, i personally dont judge someone for the point that he or she love the same Gender or might both who know. I honestly wouldnt say no to a wonderfull woman when she ask me to do kiss or something, and would you be Honest to yourself you woulnd also say no when “Jennifer Lawrence/Megan Fox) ask you ;).

We all have a tough time in our life we try to do the best what we can we have all trouble at work with family and friends or something else and all what we dont want is to get judge for something thats actually normal but for some people its nor right or wrong or thoose people are sick.

Please let thoose people alone and let them live their own life its not your fucking deal do bully, judge thoose people they are lovley and sweet wonderfull people and they deserve to be happy. Dont be jeleous just because they found the love of their life an you dont.

I do and always will Support them

Thats all what i want to say



Theres no diffrence right ?


“The Society Perfect”

Hey People

We all know that the “Society” want to show us the perfect look of a Human, how you need to look like, how you need to act and all this stuff. In the past weeks i start reading a few blogs and article about all this.

Every single article has the same “beauty things” which a human need to have to be perfect for the “Society”.

  • You Need to be Tall
  • You Need to be Skinny ( Size Zero would be perfect )
  • Long Hair
  • The perfect Skin

But this are just a few things that seems to be important to be “perfect”. Well i scrolled a few times in some social networks around and try to find a few points what the normal people on the world think what is beauty and how do you need to look like, sure theres a lot of people who aggree these points of being skinny, tall and all this but theres a group of growing up boys and girls who defently dont think like this, for them it just counts

  • You Need to have a nice and sweet personality
  • You Need to know what you want in your life
  • You Need to love to spent time with your friends and family
  • You Need to enjoy your life and live it without regrets

These are things that we normal people call beauty. We are all diffrent every single human we are

  • Skinny, Chubby, Fat
  • Short or Tall
  • Blond, Brown, Orange/Red, Blue or anything else 🙂
  • White, Brown or Black

We shouldnt define our beauty about a scala that the Society seems to show us to look perfect, but when we are honest theres people they are healthy Skinny thats totally okay but theres also people who deals with Anorexia just to be Skinny and look like the perfect Woman or Men, to have Anorexia is a really bad thing that in the past year more and more Girls/Boys need to deal with they grow up in a world wheres the important point to be Skinny and Beautiful.

They dont have to choice to see from themself how beautiful they actually are and that they dont need to change themself for anyone, no theres the Social “Society Perfect” and just this seems to important.

To have a Jeans size 0 seems more important as to have a wonderfull time in Highschool with friends, or going out for a Dinner with Someone. More and more people are falling in a black hole cause they want to be accept from thoose other “beautiful called” people and do almost everything just be with them, even then when the last Stop over the Anorexia is the Dead.

The Numbers of dead people who dealed with Anorexia are between 10-15% of the entire mankind, and every year theres more people who think Anorexia is the last point to loose weight just to be perfect.

The exact number of people worldwide whos suffer against or with Anorexia are not 100 % right cause not all people are on a List but News Sites are saying that every 10. person on the world is suffering with or against Anorexia. 

A number that should scare us all, or it should scares us all.

But we shouldnt forget that not just the ( Eating disorder ) is something that people need to deal with no theres many more ways how people go their ways to be “perfect” or sometimes how they fai.

With fail i mean the Suicide who ends always with dead or the Self-harm.

People who seems to think they have never any chance to look perfect or accept by people how they look like, need to find a way to deal with these many emotions whats i this moment is in them, they try to find something to let all this out and Cutting are sometime the “easiest way”.

I Dont wanna say its good no not at all who is a ready of my Blog knows im also dealing with Self-Harm. I Just want to make clear here that we need to be “society perfect” we are already perfect in our own way.

The Numbers of people who commit suicide climb in the past years and also thoose from people who Self-Harm.

Its been said that every 5 mins someone in the world commit Suicide, these numbers are not 100% then sadly some people are never found or just days/weeks or years later.

I dont wanna say that everyone who commit suicide did this just to be perfect, no theres mayn other reasons, i just wanna show here some numbers of these sad ways.

Sadly when you dont look the “society perfect” people think that they could start bulling you just about the fact your seems to be not perfect but you ARE.

I think the Society would never Change their view about being and look perfect in their way, but maybe we all can see in the mirror look at us and start to Love what we see and we all dont want to be something or someone else.

We are all Beautifull in our own way, we are all diffrent and this is right how weird would the world be when we look all like the same person. These things they diffrent between us all make us to something special, your friends ot people who love you family maybe, they love maybe your own Nose how she look or your bright brown eyes ?.

We all get Loved by people around us cause they see us as a perfect human, the society is just a word in a news paper or a word in the Designer Magazins. But we are all better as just a stupid world.

So Look in the Mirror and see yourself with a complete diffrent view of yourself,you are perfect trust me :).

… At the end i just wanna say i dont want to affect against anyone not the skinny ones or the people who wear the size 0 I just want to show here my side and my View how i think about all this, and this here is just this what i think and need to be said, thats it ….

Xo Sarah tumblr_mp6gtuePMf1rfyy5po1_400

Stop Bullying and act normal like everyone else ! ELE

Hey People,

I wanna talk/write about something that i see really often in the newspaper, the Television almost everywhere its getting talked about it so often but it diesnt really changed anything. Im Talking about the wolrdwide disease of the Word and acting “bullying”. I Talked a few times about it and im sure i will start talking about it a few times more cause its still really big everywhere in the world and this is not right !

I mean we are all human, we have all feelings, we act diffrent, we talk diffrent, yeah we look diffrent, but we are all at our own way special and unique i mean how would the world be when we are all the same look like everyone else, act like everyone.

It would be boring right ?

I wanna say yeah we are all diffrent in so many ways but this is what made a persone better said a human to something that we want to know more about and might to fall in Love to this Person, and maybe spent the rest of our lifes with this Person.


But theres this People who think when you are diffrent like they are you would suck, worthless, ugly, fat, stupid, a whore …..


They start calling you all these names and many more, they want to bring you down, just for feeling themself better as they are, to play the Boss in School/Work or somewhere else. Bullying is not right and one of the most disgusting things that happen on the World sine Years. You get hated just about the fact that you are diffrent ? No this is not right !

They dont know what happend with people who get bullied, some are get bullied for month/years, it leaves scars in they soul they start feeling unnecessary, wrong at the place where there thought they are happy. They dont know why they getting hated for what, some of them try to find a way out of it some goes the way over Anorexia to look like the Soceity want us to bring, some start cutting themself to make that the feel go away, and with that i dont mean just one Cut, NO, i mean cut by cut all words is one cut sometimes, or the last way the Suicide the last way to get all out of this and to bring someone to this end is not anymore funny. So many people are so deeply depressed by the fact to get bullied and if this is not enough in the News, Magazines, Tv everywhere theres a thing called soceity who makes all this not even better to look at these “normal” looking people with their unhalty size 0 and then they are we all, how we look like and start thinkin might my bully people are right im to fat “even when you are Skinny” and some start getting a distorted view of our own Body.

To grow up in a world like we have right know is a really hard thing cause you get choose by people how you look like, how much money you have and what you wear and with thoose you act like you would be someone better as the others you start letting your own problems out by bullying others let all your own hate out and you dont think about that what thoose people think and what happend with them and all this.

Everyone of you who has every bullied, think before you speak and dont act like a fucking asshole ( im sorry ofr saying that but its the truth ) just by the fact for being cool enough or something like this, you can kill people or bring people into Anorexia and bring them to do Suicide.

Its not funny to bully and not even cool, i would feel ashamed, with every single word what you say you can kill one person in life,


  • – you can ruin a perfect looking girl with calling her fat and ugly, just because of you shes now dealing with eat disorder and is depressed
  • – you can ruin a young kids life with calling his dumb, fat and worthless, might he start cutting, smoking substanze, and start thinking about suicide

– you can ruin a person with words like

Slut , whore, fat, ugly, fagot, stupid, dumb, disgusting and many more


I just wanna tell everyone who read this here right know and are a victim of people who bullied. No matter how you look like, how much you weight, how you talk or what you like, you are worth it to live, to be happy day by day and you are a wonderfull and beutifull persone on earth dont listen to this people you get loved by so many people you friends love you for your heart and not for that what you look like.

And now the last words to the bully people, shame on you, shame on you for bully, shame on you for calling people words, just shame on YOU .. I hope you can live with the fact that you already killed people with the words oyuve already said think about it, and might you shoudl stop now theres enough hate in the world and we dont need more hate we should all stick together ans spend the years of out own life happy and now being scared to leave the house and know that you get bullied again, how would you feel when you get bullie dday by day and this over years  ?


– Everybody loves Everybody





The New Year … Better and happier ?

Hey Peeps,

Im sorry that i was not really online/blog in the beginning of the new year but i need to clear up somethings and all this. I Hope you all had an lovley New Years Eve. 🙂

Well the last year is over, all the drama, the cry days, the days we lost the hope, the faith everything are done. But does this also directly mean this year gonna be a better and happier year ? Well i cant answear this really ..

In the last days i took some time to look over all m blogs that ive wrote and sadly the bad mood was a big part of all these blogs, i had a lot of down in the last year, honestly almost the whole year 2012 was a bad mood year, all the self-harm days, the sucide thought all this .. it was probertly not the best side of me that i show you all here im sorry for that, i tried to write these like a little diar of my life to try to help some people that they are not alone with some thought or some things that happend, it gave so much hate and sadness in the world no one needs to be alone we all need people around who help us an be there for us.

Well the New year is here and i dont really have some things/wishes for the new year, i just try my best to get away from all these bad mood days, the suicide thought and the cut parts, it would be all not easy i now this, but i try to see the

world from a whole diffrent side to see all this a little bitt lighter as it is more colour and try to enjoy the days they i spent here on the world, the life is something that we all need to appreciate and be thankful for it (Unbelievable that i say this 🙂 ), i have wonderfull people like elli, claudi ,tiffy. sophie, biene, jenny, moni and sarina around me who love t spent as much as time together, for them i try to dont give up, to smile more, just being happy.

You see the wolrdl ike you wanna see them sure it gaves a lot shit and bitches in the world but give a shit about them, they are just not in comming with themself the have issues and try to hide them and start annoying and bully you, they dont know how hard the life can be, dont listen to this what they say ot do, give a shit, just smile and think im better as her million times better 🙂 .

Dont give up it gave a lot of things to breathe and to enjoy the life, so go out and show the world your beautifull smile


ps: I dont wanna say that i dont write anymore some bad mood blog we all have sometimes a really really bad day, but i try to see my life in a diffrent view and make it happier as it was 🙂

xx sarah 🙂

Burned Out, numb and sick of still living here, just let me die please

Hey ….

I cant desribe what i feel right know or what i should feel, all what i feel is pain, hate, and being alone, today was the Funeral of a close friend of the Family, this shows me again how fast and easy the life can be end, and how often i wish i could go this way,

just the last breathe through my lungs, the last blood trough my venes, the last word from my lips, the last hearbeat …

I feel myself like burned out, nothing cares anymore like i would be numb, honestly i cant really describe it, theres something in me what cares but otherwise for what just to be there to say goodbye to loved people im sick of this, the last 3 years every year again, me and my family need to say goodbye to our love ones, i want that this end now, im sick of staying in front of the grave to say the last goodbye, im sick of feeling how the tears running through my face and over my cheecks, why cant this end a year without saying goodbyes to people, is this wish to much ?

I just want to have some rest time with thoose who i love for that what the are but the truth is my Uncle is really sick and he could die each day, his neck aorta is so thin that they could rip every moment, im scared to loose him 2013, i dont know how i could stand this, he that whos still in my family, hes my uncle who i love the most.

When people leave me like this without sharing some rest beautiful moments, its not fair, the life isnt really fair.

Theres people who get every thing and theres me and some other who need to fight for everything, to be worried about everything und need to say goodbye to soon in our lifes, we are like all other humans with heart and i think we all deserve to have some left time with thoose who we love, i dont wanna stand again in front of a grave to say goodbye, i wouldnt survive this goodbye, so when god mean to take all those from me then please take me with them, for what should i still be there ?

When those who i love are all together without me, at a place where we all could be happy together, this sounds like paradies, the place where i belong to and where i could be happy.

Seriously the last days i had alot of thinking about in my head, theres not a llot people who would miss me or would care about me. Some of those dont know how i feel, what i wanna say all the time.

I m like num the only thing thing what i feel is when the blade rush trough my skin, the blood runs trough my body, this all what i feel and it would never change it, nobody cares whats going on.

Sometimes i regret it to take the pills for a few month just the last step out of all this what some called LIFE, it would be all much easier when im not here anymore, the blade just help me in the moment maybe some minutes but when when the blood stop running theres the life back of hate, bullying, being fucked up ad being alone where no one cares  ….

Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life ?

My Soul is one of those that never can be fixed




These Belongs here to all the Mums out there or these who love their mums more then anything else.

Hello People,

This Blogpost here goes to this person in my life, she means so much for me and im so thakful for having her and to call her my Mum, i love my Mum more then anyone else, she is this person who cares about me. She going with me of the journes to grow up to an adult and more, she is the person i always will love for these thing that she gave me.

My Mum ist the most important person for me, she is there when im sick or when i am sad, she wish my trears away and is there no matter which time or where i am, it doesnt care what happends she stand always by me and love me for me and not for that i could be.

But my mum was/is always there for me and im thankfull for this

My Mum is the last person of my parents that i have, my father gave a shit about me and what happed, he doesnt care about me. My Mum helps me at the beginning so much to go to this hard time she never said u cant see your dad she always said , when you wanna see you dad then go to him, but the fact that he doesnt want to see me makes it all really hard.

A Mom is a wonderfull gift, all kids should show their own mums more respect in he world cause  she gave birth to you, without her and you dad you wouldnt be here on this world, and be honest where would you be now without your mom, seriously where, the life is a hard way that we all need to take and it feels better and easier to share these long journey with your mom.

To see my mum smile is a wonderfull moment to see that she is happy makes me happy

We all should enjoy the time that we have with our Mums, then someday shes not there anymore and then we gonna miss her cause she is that what you loved the most. A Mom never said buy me these buy me that she is for everything thankful what you gave her. When you are creative just with a postcard or something else this is the best gift that she ever can get.

To See my mum at the moment, and to know that something is not right makes me really sad, she say everything is okay but i see its not and i dont know why she dont want to tell whats wrong woth her maybe she wants to protect me or something else, but i wanna help her together we can fix that .. Right ??

She doesnt judge you about the problem that you have or had, the stupid things you´ve done and still do, she is almost always on your site she helps you to get out of shit helps you to make yourself feel better.

For me is nothing better as to see that my mum is happy and fit, to see her smile makes my little sadess more easier. To share some time with my mum is always amazing, all of you should spend some more times with your mum it doesnt care if you share the whole day or just a few hours the thing is someday shes not there anymore and now we have the time to spend as much time as we can get with our mums and later when shes not there anymore that we can look back to the great times that we shared and how happy we was together.

Every time you smile, I smile
and every time you shine, I’ll shine for you

So its almost christmas, this is the perfect time to share some time with your. Spend some time with her and tll her how much you love her and be thankfull for that, that she is you mum.

So spend some time with your lovley Mum and be happy that she is still by your side

xx Sarah

You know you already loose to stay strong when you start missing how it feels how the blood runs down you arm/leg while cutting, the feeling how everythings getting unreal.

Hey Readers,


It the last weeks i really start thinking about a lot of things, some good and some not really good things, or what happend in the last few month and weeks.

In the last weeks ive had a lot of problems with my body and dont really know whats going on but something is nor right.

Honestly im really scared about that what maybe could say the doctor tomorrow to me, i know that something is wrong with me and with my body, i feel , i mean , i start shaking all day, my heart start to race 2 or 3 times a day while i do nothing, 8 times a day i have a cardiovascular collapse and this each day, i start loosing weight ( good i must loose some ),  but i didnt change anything so why i loose 20kg, i get panic attacks everday, im getting by everything what i start to eat so bad stomache pain really bad one, i know  something must be wrong i mean this all is not normal seriously.

Im so fucking scared about that what the doctor could find tomorrow i mean we have some familiar issues like ( cancer, diabetis , heart problems, throid problems and some more, this is maybe not the best fact to looking foreward and to hope that all is getting better or right, it doesnt look good 😦

Im really confused right know and im scared just the fact to start thinking about tomorrow scares me like hell .. Sometimes i really wish i had something bad and would die really soon just get away from all this shit, but then im just 23 years old im so young why i should have something bad ? … I know to get some issues get everyone it doesnt care the age.

I wish someone could go for me tomorrow, at one site i dont wanna know what i maybe could have and what not, who wants to hear some bad messages what he maybe could have. I mean yesterday i was by the eye doctor yeah and there was the first shit message and infektion in my eye that maybe never go away, sometimes i think i never gonna be that healthy ….


— life sucks and this will never change —


Some of you know about the hard and sad things about my past and i must promises some people to stay strong and get my hands away from a few things but honestly right know this is the hardest fight i always begun to fight, everything looks now so easy a bottle alvohol and some pills and everything is done, pills enough are here, its all that easy  …

Or how much i miss right know the feeling how the blood runs down over my skin, how warm it is, and how it feels that your thought are not that loud anymore, they are far away, you are free from everything you are just there in this moment, every problems are far away, everything is good, its like you would left your body for a min maybe just seconds but i really miss this feeling right know so bad and i must fight so hard right know against it to grab the blade and start to cut myself.

I wish someone could save me right know, just grab me and bring me back of this place this life and this thoughts, but this is not the right way, when i run away know from this it gets me maybe so soon but someday .. and then its maybe even worst as it maybe actually was ??


— Can anybody here me, or am i talking to mself ? —


I dont know im scared, confused and weak right know, i start to left all this behind me to start to get away from this then this is not healthy and not good  .. i need to stay strong .. for these people i gave a promise and these who care about me thats maybe not a lot but there are some, people who i love and really need right know but sadly they cant be here by me, they are not by my side right know .. and this is hard a few are just 500km far away and there are the others they are over 15.000 km far away this kills me actually .. i miss them all so bad .. its not fair to find people who you need and love that they are live so far away from you , and you didnt see any day when you have them around you … all this makes it not really easy to stay strong : (


— to stay strong is the most hardest fight against yourself —


i need to focus my mind on something good, just something complete diffrent, something good … to get my thought away from all this bad, its ot good to get a breakdown right know, its not good at all. I tried my best to get away from self-harm, suicide thoughts and all this. The life can be sometimes such a big bitch, a bitch you always need to fight against all it.



I wish this fight would stop right know, i just wanna live a happy and lucky life, being healthy and all this. But this is just a dream ….

x Sarah


The biggest addiction of an girl that seems to be happy or look like but behind her face theres the other life of tought about Suicide, Self-harm, cutting being hated for a life. Being Worthless alone and depressed.

Hello Readers

For a couple while i wrote a blog about Sucide and self harm and got a lot of messages here, and in the last time i heard a lot abou suicide and self harm in the televison so i thought i write here a second one about an addiction of Slef-harm and suicide thoughts.

I have also these addiction of self-harm, more then these thought about suicide but theres also in my and maybe always will. For me people who never had something like this or never done this couldnt understand it what WE going through, what we feel while the blood start running down of our arms/ legs or wherever you cut yourself.

For me personally in this moment it feels good to feel yourself just for a couple seconds, to feel the pain and start to forget all this shit in the life for some minutes, i was just there in this moment, the only thing in my mind was how good this all felt at the time.

It gave so many diffrent reasons to start Self-Harm, some of the reasons could be

– Bullying, stressed, being alone, depressed, confused about yourself and many more .. –

It also gave some levels of self-harm theres these people who cut themself just a little bit and maybe just all couple weeks and then theres people who cut themself pretty often a day and mostly everyday. You should judge someone when he start cutting everyone has his own problems why he start, dont look away, help this person that that is something what these person really need.

And also people who Self-harm doesnt do it always at their wrist where everyone can see it, some poepl like me do it on a complete diffrent place cause we dont want that anyone knows about this we wanna hide our problems, hide that we are week and destroyed in the soul .

In the last days there was these story from Amanda Todd in the tv the girl who did Suicide and did self-harm and all this. I heard that people start writing she wasn deserve to life and some aother really bad stuff. I cant understand why people start saying shit like this cause exactly this bring girls in this circel of suicide and self-self, everyone is it worth it to live.

-Seriously everyone is it worth it to breathe to live and to being loved –

It makes me really mad to here stuff like this, they dont know what happend in a girl / boy mind hen someone start saying things like this to someone whos weak and self-harm then words like

– Slut, fag, bitch ,fat, ugly, whore, –

All these word bring someone to start self- harming, and these word are not that soon away from your mind there still years after this in your mind you start believing this, all this your ugly, fat … and this bring someone to this addiction of self-harm.

When these people doest stop to saying words like this and do it again and again a girl/boy start thinking sometimes about suicide how he could do this and all this. YOu get these thought sooner as you can believe, trust me i had them too a couple times and i almost did it. But some really important people stopped me to do it, people who i love and trust.

No one shoud believe people who saying words like this, in the soceity of 2012 its really hard to grow up to an healthy teenager/woman. The bullying in school is horrible, the suicde rates are horrible and the self-harm rate getting higher and higher. The kids start to forget how they actually do with saying these words. For them its just a word tat they say maybe a joke or just to be cool. But its not.

Its more then this, they all see this on Tv and think they are cool while there saying it but how are they feel when they would know the he killed someone with this words this person who gets bullied start self-harm and weeks/month/years after this this person saw just one way the Suicide. Whats then. ?

The Teenager rate of happy girls sink in the last years really fast cause in school theres these cool people, cheerleader, Blonde girls and then theres the Loser. But why start people bullying just about the fact one person doesnt look like the other , listen to other music, has some other interest ?

I still cant understand this i dont know why, we are all human, normal people who are on the Journey of life and want to see so much new things ..

We all just want to be loved, happy , and wanna enjoy our life is this to much that we all want ?

x Sarah


Its nor even funny anymor, Bullying ist the most horrible thing that you can do to others, seriously think about that what you are saying !!!!

Hello Readers,

Im kinda shocked about the story from Amanda Todd, im really shocked when you wanna know what exactly happend heres the story

– She went in a chat room with her friends a few years ago to meet new people. They compliment her, then they asked her to flash. so she did. About a year later somebody messaged her telling her that if she didnt give him a1 on 1 show that he would send her boobs out to all of her friendsfamily ect. A fw weeks went by and it was christmas break, 4am the cops were knocking at the door. Her boobs were sent to everyon- she was depressed and her anxiety was off the charts. She lost every friend. So she moved diffrent school new beginning. Not too long after he found her and sent her boobs out again.

She got into drugs and alcohol, Started self-harm. She became so depressed she didnt go out, so she moved with her mom on a completly new place she started to talk to an old guy friend that was now leading her on saying he liked he. he had a girlfriend. he invited her over. She went they hooked up. She later got a text saying leave your school now. she ignored it. Everyone surrounded her. Two girls came up to her telling her to look around and nobody likes her. A boy screamed out, ust hit her already. They threw her to the groundand hit her several times. She ran to a ditch and her dad found herlater, When she went hom eshe chugged bleach attempting suicide, She was rushed to the hospital and they flushed

her system. She gets homeans sees posts all over facebook telling her to drink bleach again saying nobody likes her and telling here to die. She cried every night, Everyone hated her because of on mistake. One little Mistake She started cutting again. She attempted suicide and failed.

On October 10th. 2012 Amanda Todd killed herself because of bullys one mistake she made, made her life to hell , She hung herself after attempting suicide multiple time.

That is the story about the Sucide of Amanda and first of all before i start saying what i think i wish the Family just the best and alot of power to get through this bad times now.

So. I feel kinda ashamed to be a human right know a human who live in a world who get people like amanda bully just because one stupid mistake seriousy im sure all these poeple who are a part of this should better think about that what they did and im sure they also did mistakes in their lives. For all people who destroy Amanda you should be ashamed about your behaivor.

Every Single one of you killed her with every thing what you did you are all the reason why shes not here anymore. Im getting sick about that fact that people start bullying to people. cause i know how it feels like to get bully, its such a hard thing to get over every single word burns in your brain your hear it all day these words that people call you.

I dont know what goes in the head of these people, seriously you all killed a wonderfull and beautiful girl, i didnt know her but to heard these story makes me sad. Really Sad these bullying should stop in every single country every single person is it worth it to live and to get love.

It doesnt care how do you look or act or whatevery it doesnt care really, for me its hard it respect myself how i look like and all this but i say since a couple days to myself you are worth it to life, to get loved and everything

Tell this to yourself cause you are worth it dont liste to these people u are amazing.

xxx Sarah