Stop Bullying and act normal like everyone else ! ELE

Hey People,

I wanna talk/write about something that i see really often in the newspaper, the Television almost everywhere its getting talked about it so often but it diesnt really changed anything. Im Talking about the wolrdwide disease of the Word and acting “bullying”. I Talked a few times about it and im sure i will start talking about it a few times more cause its still really big everywhere in the world and this is not right !

I mean we are all human, we have all feelings, we act diffrent, we talk diffrent, yeah we look diffrent, but we are all at our own way special and unique i mean how would the world be when we are all the same look like everyone else, act like everyone.

It would be boring right ?

I wanna say yeah we are all diffrent in so many ways but this is what made a persone better said a human to something that we want to know more about and might to fall in Love to this Person, and maybe spent the rest of our lifes with this Person.


But theres this People who think when you are diffrent like they are you would suck, worthless, ugly, fat, stupid, a whore …..


They start calling you all these names and many more, they want to bring you down, just for feeling themself better as they are, to play the Boss in School/Work or somewhere else. Bullying is not right and one of the most disgusting things that happen on the World sine Years. You get hated just about the fact that you are diffrent ? No this is not right !

They dont know what happend with people who get bullied, some are get bullied for month/years, it leaves scars in they soul they start feeling unnecessary, wrong at the place where there thought they are happy. They dont know why they getting hated for what, some of them try to find a way out of it some goes the way over Anorexia to look like the Soceity want us to bring, some start cutting themself to make that the feel go away, and with that i dont mean just one Cut, NO, i mean cut by cut all words is one cut sometimes, or the last way the Suicide the last way to get all out of this and to bring someone to this end is not anymore funny. So many people are so deeply depressed by the fact to get bullied and if this is not enough in the News, Magazines, Tv everywhere theres a thing called soceity who makes all this not even better to look at these “normal” looking people with their unhalty size 0 and then they are we all, how we look like and start thinkin might my bully people are right im to fat “even when you are Skinny” and some start getting a distorted view of our own Body.

To grow up in a world like we have right know is a really hard thing cause you get choose by people how you look like, how much money you have and what you wear and with thoose you act like you would be someone better as the others you start letting your own problems out by bullying others let all your own hate out and you dont think about that what thoose people think and what happend with them and all this.

Everyone of you who has every bullied, think before you speak and dont act like a fucking asshole ( im sorry ofr saying that but its the truth ) just by the fact for being cool enough or something like this, you can kill people or bring people into Anorexia and bring them to do Suicide.

Its not funny to bully and not even cool, i would feel ashamed, with every single word what you say you can kill one person in life,


  • – you can ruin a perfect looking girl with calling her fat and ugly, just because of you shes now dealing with eat disorder and is depressed
  • – you can ruin a young kids life with calling his dumb, fat and worthless, might he start cutting, smoking substanze, and start thinking about suicide

– you can ruin a person with words like

Slut , whore, fat, ugly, fagot, stupid, dumb, disgusting and many more


I just wanna tell everyone who read this here right know and are a victim of people who bullied. No matter how you look like, how much you weight, how you talk or what you like, you are worth it to live, to be happy day by day and you are a wonderfull and beutifull persone on earth dont listen to this people you get loved by so many people you friends love you for your heart and not for that what you look like.

And now the last words to the bully people, shame on you, shame on you for bully, shame on you for calling people words, just shame on YOU .. I hope you can live with the fact that you already killed people with the words oyuve already said think about it, and might you shoudl stop now theres enough hate in the world and we dont need more hate we should all stick together ans spend the years of out own life happy and now being scared to leave the house and know that you get bullied again, how would you feel when you get bullie dday by day and this over years  ?


– Everybody loves Everybody






Dont look away when people start cutting, get bullied do Something !

Hey People,

In the last week i saw something, that i couldnt understand, i couldnt understand people who start telling others on social places like twitter, that it would be better to kill yourself, and that your re ugly not worth it to live and all this, i didnt recive that messages i just saw it and start talking to the bullyied girl to let her know that she dont need to believe that shit what these other girl start talking about, and then i wrote a message to this girls who start sending these tweets out.

All what she wrote me was, she is not worth it to live, shes ugly fat and stupid,

I was never that shocked honestly i told her to stopped this cause its never OKAY !! to tell people this everyone has feelings and this one of the most awfull things that ou get called, i mean how would you feel when someone start sending you tweets or messages all the time to get called, fat, ugly, die, stupid or whatever.


But this was not the only thing i saw in the last weeks i heard it pretty often in the tv , radio or saw it here on the internet that more and more people start to kill themself , start cutting, or stopped eating. Well i just can say im not perfect i fight by myslef against so much and its always hard to stay strong, but we must stay strong we cang give up, for some of “us” the life is always a fight against other or against ourself, its hard i know that, but please when you need help then search for some.

Its not bad to go to a special doctor to talk about your problems, he can help, sometimes we dont find a way out these people can help alot. Please trust me.

The live is something so special for each of us, we just have this one, and we need to take care of it, it could be end that fast, everyday happend something really special, you meet through your life so many diffrent people, you see alot of new things, somewhere you fall in love, you have your family at your site (bloodfamiily or friendsfamily) it doesnt care cause these people love you for this what you are and not what the soceity start to talking about .

Everyone is Beautiful and worth it to live dont give up, sta strong for you and for thoose that you love. and when you fall back into your old mood /puke out the stuff that youve eat or start cutting) its something what happend in our life but we can always go stronger out of this. together we can reach allot.

When you think you are alone and dont have someone to talk to … Write me, i listen to you and try to help you i know how hard the life can be, its still hard but i try my best to look forward.

xx sarah


a Friendship means …

Hello People

a short little blog

True and Honest Friendship is for me really important, to have some people around me that i can trust 100% and care about. A freindship means for me to care about each other and be there when someone need the other one, to talk about everything with these person, and to trust this person completly
In the year of 2012 a friendship is not really the same anymore i mean, some people doesnt really appreciate a friendship really or doesnt really know what a true and honest friendship means, and its really hard to find here with this socetiy really honest friends, it gave a lot of fakers in the world, when you ask me, actually to much ! We all had or still have those friends

who just care about themselfes, just this is important what giong on in his life, about he cared and what he do, and what happend with us or about we care is not that important, and honestly give a shot about those people, they are shit everyone deserve friends who care also about you, and be there for you. Its sometimes really hard to find these special friends in the world but its always worth it to still search, someday you all find these amazing people,

who are meant to you , cause everyone in the world has those people and when you found them you wil have them for the rest of your life trust me, dont give up to search, after so much shit friends i found those who i will never ever let go, i promise

xx Sarah


People who you love and care about, People that you call friends or better like a second family ..

Hello Readers

This blog here is more something about people that i love and really miss at the moment, i think you might know about im start to talk about here, im talking about people that you love and people that understands you adn except you just like who you are.

I heard in the last years a lot of stories how hard it is in the school now to find real and honest friends and this is actuall really sad, little kids like 11 – 12 years old start to judge you, just about the fact that you dont wear the newest clothes or have the new I Phone or whatever. When i was 11/12 years old it doesnt care what you wear, or which phone you have (i dindt had an phone at 11 years old girl ), i had just fun with the other kids played some soccer or just talk with my girls thats it.

The socetiy start changing the mind and the thought about so young people , and for little kids who never had that much money, for them its hard to find friends in school ,no one wants to talk with them or play something, this makes me really sad to hear. In this ages ou should have some fun in school play with the other all that what little kids do  .. no in 2012

— 11year old girls start wearing make up and boys start to have sex and watching porn videos on their phones —

Seriously what happend with the life of little kids? Im honest im glad that ive had these chance to grow up without all thse technical bullshit and had a childhood.

When these kids get into highschool it doesnt get easiert to find new friends, its not at all. I didnt had much friends in school so in know about what im talking about here but now im really happy that i found 5 Amazing girls, they really understands me and 5 boys who i really love.

I think its important to grow up with an good childhood, cause yo learn so much while you growing up to an adult. Im thankful for these amazing girls and boys in my life, i know that i can trust them really, and talk about everything with them. Sure in the last few month it was from my site not that easy tp understand all this whats going on and i stopped to believe in a friendship that we had, but to be honest, for a really good friendship/family you really must fight and work about this, cause ti trust someone for 100% its not easy.

— when you find someone that you completly trust, dont let him go, do what ever you can do and also when this means that you need to fight for this person its all worth it —

Everyone of us has his own little problem who he needs to fight against it, but when you have friends wo you can talk about it and mabe the could help you , it makes this all a little bit easier, really, to trust someone 100% is a gift of an amazing friendship, cause this means this person is really important to you.

— For me my friends are not just even friends, im not blessed with a real family thats why my friends are my family, my sister and my brothers.  —

I hope everyone on the has some amazing friends like i have, its the best feeling in the world to know that you have people that love you for who you are and that they xare about you. Nothing is better as to know you get loved.

A friendship starts everything with the point that this other person is an stranger to you but dont be scared to open yourself and start talking with these other person , tal kabout your hobbys or what you always love to do, what music you prefer or what you hate maybe you and the other person has much more in common as you actually thought, maybe this could be your new boyfriend or your new best friend or a really important person what mean after some year more to ou as some others.

You never know what happen when you start talking with new people but dont be shy, a little converstion with some other dont kill you it just show you how the other people are .

xxx Sarah