A little Note to Myself

We´ve been writing the end of 2016

Another year is alomost over and we wonder where is the year 2016, it feels like we are still stuck in the middle of the years, this one went from month to month so qiuck im still not in the christmas mood.

People are running into the shops to buy christmas presents they spend so much money on things that we all not really need.

How can  describe the last 11 Months ..

So many things happend .. i changed and my view on things

I know its been a while since my last post .. but i had to deal with life and had to figure out what i want and how i wanna archieve it. Well i moved out this year and i live on my own now, its probertly the best decision and move ive done in my entire life .. its like i grow up completly in the past month … i mean its hard to describe but now ia have to call people to get things done … its diffrent now but im happpy about it.

I met so many people this year that i call my friends now, really close friends … i think more about the happy things in life and not just the bad things, yeah from time to time there will be always my “cloudy day” but i know how to handle it and i can deal with it now without any kind of suicidal thought, im glad im “over” about this i dont know how to describe it tbh it took a while and a lot of time and energy but now im happy … im glad i made loads of steps to get to the point where i am now … its the end of 2016 and probertly the first time i can say im excited about 2017 .. more adventures, more lovley time with my friends and many more happy days …

im really looking forward to it ❤

x Sarah