Concerts .. the feeling …. there where you belong to …


Hey peeps,


What do you think about concerts and the feeling to stand with 1000 of people in one room, to share the love for a special band, party like it would gave no tomorrow just live every single sec ? How is it for you to go to shows from your favorit Band or Solo Artist.

When i talk with a few of my friends they cant understand why im so often at some concerts and why i love it so much. Just the feeling to wait infront of the Hall and to know soon you gonna see you band back on stage to hear their music live, this one of the best feelings i know and love. The Hours to wait in rain, when its cold or sunny it diesnt care, its an awesome feeling.

Then when the doors are open and the people can go into the hall, i cant reallydescribe this feeling, m heart start beating faster and faster, when im in in the haal and see the stage, the line up and all this, i feel like i would be home and enjoy every single sec.  To be in the front row is one of the best feelings every ou have the chance to get the hand of your idol, you see everyone of the band.

Then  when the Support Band come on stage the feeling getting bigger and bigger you listen to the music of the support band but my mind is always to that bannd why im actually there, and to know that i gonna see them in less than 1 hour makes me at that moment so unbelivable happy, for me the concerts are an important part of my live obviously the music is also an very important part for me .

When the Support Band leaves the stage and the technical dudes set up the line up from your Band you could scream cause you are so happy that you see them so soon my heart and my pulse are unbelievale high i have so much adrenaline in me, and then the music from your band start to begin and you could freak out directly just to listen some tunes gaves me so much that nothing else ever can.

Then you see them “your Band/ Your Idol” and in that little moment ou cant really belive that this is really happen right now, you see them just a few meter infront of you, they start singing that songs that helped you alot in the past, you can sing every single word with them, this feeling is unbelievable, i cant really find words for this.

You party in this time so much with your friends and the people there as it wouldnt gave a new day. To be there where you really belongs to makes everything so special.

Sadly you know that after 1,5 hour everything is done the Band with they concert finished their set list and your sad cause now its done the day where you waited for soo long end then, some people start crying and some people just smilig the whole time, when the bad leave the stage everyone is running to the merch temp where you can buy a memorie of the night and took some picture while and after their show.

To leave the hall makes me always sad its really bittersweet.

You are thankful for having a amazing night like this one, but at the other site you are extremly sad cause its over and for some bands you need to wait a year sometimes more before you gonna see them back :(.

But the memories will always a important part and you have them forever. The most wonderfull thing at concert is the fact to meet so many diffrent people from whole germany and somtimes from other countrys too. It unbelievable from where all the fans arrive just to see their/your Favorit Bands.

Some people standing after their concert outside and wait to see maybe the band again and to make some photos and talk a bit some band do this and take some time to spent a bit time with their fans. To take a picture with your Band or just with one of your Favorit members can make you extremly happy :).

So what do you think about concerts and going to some ?


Friendships …

Hey People,

First of all im sorry for not posting in the ast weeks nothing, i didnt really know how to put my minds into words and write it all down, it happend in the last weeks a lot of stuff, which i need to think about and see how everything goes his way, but now im back :).

Well everyone has friends who you share as much time as you can together with your besties your sister or people who you truly love, almost everyone in the world has some friends.

To become friends is Sometimes not reall a easy way sure when you re young it doesnt count what you wear or have, all what you need is someone who you can play with and have some fun, whe you re young everything is a little bit easier as now.

In the life to grow up to an adult ( woman/men), its getting a little bit complicated, cause in this years, some just look to that what you wear and how much money do you have, a attitude who is completly wrong!. You cant say a good person has alot of money and wear just brand clothes and thoose who has not much money they are stupid and not worth it to get to know them a little bit more.

I saw it in my growing up life a lot, not just b other also by me when you dont have the Size 0 or whatever you re “worth it” to have friends its sad. But honestly thoose people can be the best friends in the world.

And a friendship cant survive when these “feelings” are just from one site, both sites need to fight for a friendship it gave always good times and bad times when you survive the bad times together, then become these friendship to somethig bigger and to something beautiful. ou get to know the other person a lot more and you know that you can trust these person like no one else and this is a wonderfull thing. Someone you can always talk with when you feel bad and need someone to talk to.

A Friendship is something to belive in and to start fighting against Haters, rumours and some other shit.

Sadly sometimes you feel that the connection starts to break with your friend(s), you feel that you loos them or can loose and that just you are the last one who try to hold the connection between you both. its like that the other site already give up or for her its not even that important to her to hold the good “realationship” between you both and you start to ask yourself is it worth it to put some power, love and trust in this to hold that up. ?

Sometimes is it totally worth it to fight when you have something wonderfull like this its hard defently but my mom always said when you fight so badly for something and your heart say its right that you must fight for this cause this is something Honest what you nneed and love, you need to care about a friendship its like a glasshouse you need to care about it everysingle day to hold is close to you, sure its not always easy to get in touch with them,

but just a little hi, how are you is sometimes more as to say nothing really.

Well and then theres thought, why should I fight for something what means for me more as for her, its always hard to loose someone who you though you can trust to, who was honest and real to you, but people change themself somtimes sadly without you and they dont want to have you still in their life. Its hard and its okay to let all your emotions out.

Say what you to say, dont hold it for you say it loud !! You are also human and have feelings and when you are worried about someone to loose who you thought you have them until the rest of you live, say it you cant destroy much more as it already is but then you can say . You done your best you fight and did everything.

and then this one was not the right friend for you and you gonna find her someday, people who doesnt care about you or dont ask you how you feel and all that are not real friends that is something that i realise its hard but its realistic …

So dont change yourself to be accepted, stay you then this person like you are want to be searched by someone who you can spent the rest of you life together